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with a smile

this entry is not running related.

(pero you can still read on :) )

It’s been a week since August started, and yet, I haven’t been able to really blog about what has happened during the past week. It has been only yesterday (August 8, 2009) that I was able to go home early (meaning, I was home before midnight, or the next day haha).

So what happened during the first week of August? For one, we went to Tagaytay last Saturday (August 1), hang out lang, tambay, chillax. This idea actually started the Saturday prior to August 1, when we were hanging out at Trinoma and all the coffee shops were closing out on us (eh we didn’t want to go home pa then. Actually at that point, I was really thinking, “is she liking me back na?” whenever I ask her to go out with me, she almost always agrees/ goes naman din. BUT I didn’t bring much thought to that idea, basta go with the flow lang muna). SO there, finally our plans pushed through and we were able to go na nga to Tagaytay that Saturday. The weird thing with that weekend was, it was really raining hard, to the point that while we were in Tagaytay, parang may bagyo. So kahit na bumabagyo sa Tagaytay, ayun, tuloy lang kami with the “surprise” lunch date at Sonya’s Garden (yeah I know, laspag na or SMB, but what the heck, diba? ☺). Ayun, tambay lang and usap until we were bored with the place and changed venue.

her food (pasta and salad)

my food (salad & pasta)

Since both were coffee drinkers/ lovers, we decided to look for a place to hang out again, and at the same have some coffee. Initially we intended to have coffee at Bag of Beans, but since the weather seemed uncooperative, we decided to look for a place with a view AND indoor sana para mas maganda ung tambay moment, with matching ulan and hot coffee diba. Initially, Starbs sana, but everyone who went to Tagaytay that weekend was there also, we opted to go to Pancake House instead. Sobrang ang kulit lang din because, sa sobrang lakas ng ulan, we even considered staying there kasi nga lakas ng ulan, and baka di kami makauwi safely. Hehehe as a result siguro of waiting for the rain to get “mellow” (?),we stayed there from 4pm until almost 8pm just chitchatting about life in general (be it love life, school life, work life, running, cooking, eating, basta! Kahit anong pwedeng pag-usapan, napag usapan na ata namin dun.)

We went home na mga 9pm ata. Traffic on the way back to Manila was surprisingly smooth –sailing until we neared Alabang/ Festival Exit. IT was hellish sa traffic! We had to exit sa Alabang Exit to have CR break. We bade good bye and were both still in a daze, parang we both left our houses “single” tas pag uwi, “it’s complicated” na. ☺

The next day, I had to wake up super early to marshal for the run in Ateneo “Takbo para sa Pag babago.” I think there was something in me na made people ask what’s up with me. Actually the only person there who knows about the change in status was BongZ, while the rest were still figuring out what’s new ☺

The marshaling went fine naman, as it was only a 3k and 5K fun run. There wasn’t much of a hassle handling the event. The usual Sunday post-race breakfast occurred in McDo Katipunan where I slightly sent out feelers on the reason why I was happy ☺ wahehehe ☺ all they know was, parang we were only dating pa lang etc, pero there. ☺ After the breakfast, diretso uwi sa house to hear mass, before meeting up again for lunch, and movie, etc. Hang out lang ulit, watched TheProposal, tas there. Ganun lang, para lang ang date. Pero this time, hmm, official na? Ewan pa. basta ganun.

Monday came, weird time sa office as I hinted to one of my officemates na “kami na” or something to that effect (“exclusively dating” was the term she initially used, pero for me kasi, anong difference nun?) Anyways, the kulit thing here was, the Friday before, they were bugging me to have a GF na daw, kasi lahat sa department was having a partner na (from those who broke up last year, ako na lang ata walang partner). Ang kulit pa nila kasi may order pa ng dates sila, and may “ultimatum” pa ako na dapat daw ang monthsary ko eh 19 para sunud-sunod kami (may 17, 18, tas 19 daw ako). So yun tanong sila ng tanong, ako naman, ayun, lutang pa rin. Ang hassle pa with Aug.3 was, di ako sinabihan ng kapatid ko na til 9PM pa pala sha, at ako naman eh ayun, naiwan sa office mag-isa, nag ttry mag work, etc. This prompted me to ask her if we can meet up na rin the next day (Aug.4) kung ganung time din naman mag susundo eh, aalis na lang kami, tipong dinner lang, tas alis na ulit, para lang di boring, she agreed.

Tuesday went by sobrang fast, and sobrang funny lang kasi dahil nga birthday ko the next day, eh pinayagan ako ng bossing ko mag early out, tipong mga 530 eh nag out na ako sa office, to go there sa kanila. Ang kulit lang, kasi pumayag din ung bosses nya there ☺ (uhmmm, are the heavens conspiring for this to happen? ☺ ayot!) tapos yun, we went had dinner lang ulit, usap, tambay as usual, tapos when we were about to go, we saw that it was really raining hard na. I told my dad na since susunduin ko daw ung kapatid kong isa, eh sabay ko na sha kasi umuulan at baka magkasakit dahil sa ulan, at walang payong. Hehehe (agree naman si daddy kaya ayun, nag aantay kami til 8pm dahil sabi ni papa eh, 8pm daw ung isa ko pang kapatid, so there, sabi ko hmm, bkait kaya ang tagal nila?

So yun, uwi, hatid, etc okay naman. It was sobrang weird kasi parang ang “aga” to meet the family nung Aug.4, na initially we intended to introduce pa lang the next day, Aug.5. okay naman sha ☺

Abangan ang Part 2.


  1. Bitin Bitin Bitin . Ooohhhh Lovebirds yiheee :) PArt 2 PLEASE :P

  2. anuba..di pa tinapos ung na nga si ten for the full story..hehehe.. -cindz

  3. Parang telenovela lang... hehe... ilabas na ang susunod na kabanata... hehe

  4. the magic of tagaytay never fails talaga! :P hahaha! congrats, man! :D double date tayo minsan :P hehehe!

  5. timmy...

    #1, palitan mo ang color ng names ng nag-comment sa iyo. masakit sa mata.

    #2, exclusively dating? wtf (what the fortune!), may ganung status? i must be really getting old. is that the same as MU (mag-un)? is that the same as "it's complicated?"

    #3, don't make it too complicated. =) just go with the flow. just sit back & enjoy where life takes you both.

    #4, 20/2 + T + I + M = 2

    #5, ayot! apir! =D

  6. alam ko na ang part 2!!! wahahahhaa

  7. ako nasa part 3 na...WINNER....

  8. nice story timmy :) nasan yung part 2?:)


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