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when doing less means achieving more.

who ever said multitaskers are the best? this study proves otherwise.

a friend posted this link (in Facebook) from Standford indicating that being a MEDIA multi-tasker may not be the way to go. (HA! FINALLY!) this applies to the current work setting where we are bombarded by different media (ipod, computer,cell phones, facebook, etc.)

a lot of times i've been told to multi-task, and that for some companies, they prefer people who multi-task. at one point (or should i say, most of the time,nah, ALMOST ALWAYS) i've thought to myself that doing A LOT of things AT THE SAME TIME would not be really beneficial as one would tend to focus, or should i say, not focus at the task at hand.

in my own opinion, doing a lot of things at the same time would force one to start something, and might not be able to finish one task AS multitasking tends to have someone to start several things at the same time. i'm not saying that being multitasker is a bad thing, i'm just saying that doing several things ALL AT THE SAME TIME gives the brain a lot of stress. (parang dahil sa sobrang daming ginagawa and/or iniintindi, nalilito si brain on what to do/ focus on, etc).
bottomline is, there are a lot of things to do at hand. focus on one and finish it BEFORE doing others :) this might not be the "ideal" for some bosses, but i believe this is more healthy AND more efficient :) para lang yang training for a race. focus on one goal, achieve that goal. and then move on to the next task at hand.

maybe that's the secret of the successful people (those who weren't pressured to 'multitask' haha).

agree? APIR!


  1. Super agree ako dito! One task at a time.

  2. It's the women who are multi-taskers; men are more compartmentalized in their thought process(ayan lumalabas ang pagka Psychology major ko!). Personally, ako I like variety sometimes. I get bored doing the same thing lalo na kung ilang days ko ng ginagawa. Even with books, I don't just stick to one. Bottomline, if multi-tasking works for you then do it! If not, di wag. Ok pa rin yun. Hehe.


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