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learning when to slow down

this sunday, oct.18, is the 1st Quezon City International Marathon. I've written about this race, and have been anticipating this race for the longest time. I attended the long run two weekends ago in preparation for the 21k route, and was confident that i can pull this one off. my preparations have been going on smoothly.

not until this week.

my week started fine, actually. i had a relaxing weekend, but when Monday came, we were bombarded by literally hard work in the office. we were made to go around the metro to get back issue magazines from the warehouse, and then bring those magazines to different stores/accounts, and then, put sticker on the current issues. this would not have been that a heavy burden, BUT did i fail to mention that on that monday, 8 out of 9 members of our department had cough and colds already?

after that long day, i met up with my girlfriend to relax and unwind from that nasty day.

the next morning, i had to call in sick because my cough and colds the other day was not getting better.

wednesday came, i thought i was okay already, so i went to work. good thing i didn't go to work tuesday as they continued with the stickering and transporting of the back issue magazines, and based on my officemate's, tuesday was a lot more tasking than monday's. wednesday went fine, i just had my roll of tissue around, and my strepsils within reach, i felt okay.

thursday was almost normal. i went to work, continued with the ocular & back issue transporting before i went to BHS to have my mizuno run clinic. upon getting there, i found out that there was NO RUN CLINIC that night! :( [as per some of my classmates mentioned, they announced it daw sa FB, but since i was out the whole day, i wasn't able to read that. hassle talaga!] being running addicts that we are, we just decided to continue with our run, kahit konti lang, basta lang makatakbo.

running that night was ok. it wasn't that much of a breeze as i was still had cough & colds, pero my lungs and legs were still good :) if i was not to meet up with my girlfriend, i could have ran longer that 5 rounds around BHS. (yeah yeah it's a bit short, pero since i was thinking its taper time for QCIM, it's ok na. i just have to make sure that my legs were still okay, and then rest til saturday para fresh when sunday comes! :))

i thought everything was okay, i had my friday planned out already, gotta go to work, fix whatever needs fixing, and then leave the office earlier than usual (again) for the QCIM CLP, and then pick up gf from her work then bring her home. simple huh?

things have their own weird ways of making you change everything you've planned ahead of time. in the middle of the night, i woke up feeling a bit cold and hot at the same time. i felt i was sobrang hot (literal, as in i was feeling a bit delusional na ata at that point, thinking about something i can't even remember now), tas i felt my eyes were sobrang mainit also. i thought of just drinking water, and then rest/sleep again baka mawala.

ang galing! kasi, hindi sha nawala, so i had no choice but to inform my boss again, that i am not going to work again, as i got fever naman this time. sobrang hassle kasi 2 days in a week akong nag absent due to sickness. hindi naman sa i'm avoiding things or what, but the thought of me being that sick in a week has not happened to me since grade school?

this made me realize things. (again.)

1. don't leave (small) things unattended
- in my case, the cough and colds. i had the right idea when i decided not to go to work tuesday, as it made me regain my composure enough to make me feel better to go to work the next 2 days. the bad thing i didn't do was to take enough medicines for the cough & colds to eventually go away. i guess i was on my way to recovery BUT then, i had to force myself (and my lungs) when i decided to run last thursday (or better yet, the unhealthy stress i underwent with work that day).

2. listen to your body
- i was listening to my body, kaya nga i stopped na after 4 1/2 rounds around BHS. good thing i stopped, kasi baka if i didn't, then i might not able to bring my gf back home safely, and things might have turned out worse.
- ang kulit lang also here is that, i was telling Running Diva, and the other peeps i was running with last Thursday that it's hard to overtrain for a race. now i guess i'm taking a dose of my own medicine.

SO now, the kenkoy runner is slowing things down, making sure that he will be in better shape than before, resting enough for the days to come, or better yet, for the RACES to come, be it the Smart SIM, or the adidas KOTR, or some other races slated in November.

See you guys in November. Kenkoy Runner signing out.


  1. tim rest and rest and rest. hehe! you'll get back on track once you're okay na :) cheer up! :) di ka nag iisa, ang rest din ako for a week. think positive!


  2. tsong, drink plenty of water at calamansi juice, tanggal yan...get well soon

  3. Agree, take a rest. Every time I join Sunday race, I made sure to make Thursday my last run. Don't run Friday or Saturday (you can do chillax run on Sat morning though to loosen your leg muscle) and come Sunday, you'll be powerhouse. For distance runners like us, you have to take something regularly for our body to keep up with the physical demands we do with our body. Try multi-vitamins..or Enervon Prime I got from your company hahahahah!

  4. Yup slow down haha. Actually got sick din this week, amidst the ruckus of so many different things. I had to squeeze in a 16k tempo tuloy ng Friday, which is too close for comfort pero no choice. But nabuhay pako kanina hehe :) Hope you're feeling better now Tim, hmmm. TLC? Ten Loving Care?? :P

  5. conserve your energy for SIM tim. :D
    tingk pasitib! lols
    or else, you'll miss a race again, and you don't like that.
    pagaling ka na kuya tim, good thing you decided to slow down. :)


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