Friday, October 2, 2009

where i come from...

this line says it all.

runners foregoing night runs at times to help in packing of relief goods
yuppies spending time after work to help out in relief centers
medical students conducting medical missions
students volunteering in any way they can
people giving to those who are in need

people all over the world sometimes see all the negativity in our country, the corruption, the pollution, but deep inside each and every FILIPINO lies the true spirit of HEROISM, and BAYANIHAN.

aprub? APIR!

by apl. d. ap.


  1. I like it Tim, did you get that from my Tag or from another source? I like the shirt pagawa tayo. Or singlet! Hehehehe.

  2. nice.

    (wow, parang isang spammer ang nag-comment)

    peace, tim! :-)