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all geared up

in a week's time, i'll be hopefully finishing my first ever marathon :) 

other than the trainings and all the runs i've had in the past months, i also have been preparing the stuff i'll be using and wearing for the big day :)

here are what i'll be using for my first full marathon :)

1. shoes: Asics Kayano 13
-it is a given that a runner's most important "weapon" in races, one should be equipped with the proper footwear :) i chose to use the asics kayano 13 based on the shoes' reputation from different running websites and other fellow runner's comments on the shoe.
i used this also during my long runs, most notably during Bald Runner's Rizal Day Run and our last long run (37KM) last Jan.17. So far, the shoe performed as expected.

i was hoping that my usual brand (mizuno) would have released the Mizuno Wave Inspire 6 in time for Condura, but i guess it got stuck with Customs, etc, so I'm back to my original gameplan of using "Lucky 13" for Condura.

2. Hydration Gear: Mizuno Hydration bag
every runner knows that proper hydration is key to a successful marathon. with this hydration bag, i will be able to ensure myself of being hydrated all throughout the race (even though know that condura is going to be a well prepared race, it wouldn't hurt to have a hydration back up plan, or should i say, hydration backpack plan!) this bag will also contain other important items such as cellphone(s) and keys and of course food. in any other long runs, i might have to bring a camera, but i wouldn't want to have unnecessary weight that might slow me down, so bahala na sa skyway :) baka cellphone na lang :)

on a side note, im thinking of leaving this bag at the last 10-12k of the race to make sure i'm going to be lighter sa last part, baka pwedeng humataw eh. pero if not, ok lang din :)

3. Wrist Accessory #1: Timex Ironman Flix Watch
I've always been a minimalist person, utilizing the best features of my gears without overspending. so when i finally got my FLIX watch from my girlfriend (Christmas Gift sakin pero i got it mga mid-january na, no worries), i immediately tried to explore how it works, without reading the manual (typical guy thing i guess, not reading the manual and just tinker with the gadget. pag nasira lang babasahin yung manual, hahahaha) and wore it the next day! after that, i tried running with it that sunday night (dapat night, para makita ko yung effect ng FLIX) ok naman sha.
Also since it is level up sha compared to my first Timex watch na madalas mapagkamalan na Garmin 405, eh i also maximized the interval timer it has. I practiced running Galloway-style, 5:1 ratio, and the interval timer of the watch is galeng! :) (Dasher, ayan ah, para hindi mo ako sisihin pag mag repeat yung sa long run natin, pati ako mag ti-time ng 5:1 ratio hehehehe)

4. Wrist Accessory #2: Road Id
running along the road can be a very risky thing, so to better identify oneself if anything happens (be it mahimatay, or what along the road), having a road id (or something similar to it) would be another plus.
initially i thought of it as an unnecessary gadget, pero since i started training for the full mary, i believed this would be beneficial (lalo na when i run alone). hindi naman sha takaw-nakaw, so i guess it wouldn't attract much attention from possible robbers (meron bang ganon). also i chose the wrist id kasi if sa shoes, usually diba they remove the shoes pag may accident or what, so there :) mas "secure" yung identity mo if needed.

5. Eyewear: Spyder Rail
i have always been contemplating on whether it would be necessary to run with shades during Condura, and until recently, (like nung Friday lang), i've decided that i would be needing one. I have had a conversation with a friend na we'll buy in time for Condura and their BDM, pero along the way, it kinda slipped our minds.
I've been asking around what's a good brand for and eyewear, pero I wanted something na sporty and stylish and with enough protection from the sun, PERO hindi masakit sa bulsa. After a lot of research from the internet and other fellow runners, i've made the conclusion to get this Spyder. I was able to test run it kanina in the heat of the 2:30PM sun, and it did what was expected from it :) (ang concern ko na lang is how to wipe off the sweat dripping from my forehead during the actual run without having to remove the shades often :)

6. other items for Condura
a) Compression tights
this has been a cardinal rule i made, long runs = tights. so far, during my long runs, the compression tights was able to hold up to its intended purpose, to limit the muscles from too much "shaking" thus minimizing "energy loss" and at the same time protect my legs from other elements like lamok, or if i fall iwas gasgas (pero never pa naman ako na dapa ever in my short running career, and i don't have plans of ever being dapa).

b) Visor
i've used this already before for the QCIM LSD but since then, i haven't been able to use it again. I believe this would be a good compliment with the shades and might be helpful also in absorbing the sweat from my forehead during the run :)

c) Shirt
up until now, i haven't decided on which shirt /top to use for Condura. I know I know, it should be one of the most important part of the get up, to get used to the top i'll be using to eliminated unnecessary discomfort during the run due to the shirt/top etc. so far i have 3 options, 1. to wear the shirt i used during the Rizal Day Run, 2. to wear the IamNinoy runner shirt (or any other dryfit shirt i've used in the past like my orange Mizuno top or Mizuno Run Club shirt, which i might use na lang for the time trials in April) or 3. the Original Black singlet (this singlet made its original debut at last year's Condura Run, and was noticeably seen by the running community from that time onwards. The Black ninjas were seen in most of the documentation pictures of last year's races, and i am sure that we will still continue to be visible in the races to come :)

Be prepared to see this group on the Skyway for Condura Run for the Dolphins!


  1. Good luck, Basti! :-)
    Yay, you have an interval timer! All set and ready ka na. :-D Cheers to more marathons?

  2. gusto ko lang manggulo....

    when i first used the interval timer of my watch, the beeping sound annoyed me on the 4th interval that i stopped it completely.

    goodluck on the 5:1 =D

  3. Good luck on your run, Tim! See you at Condura!

  4. wahaha, btw, it's not your fault that i made that stunt-woman stint along bayani. haha. idea mo lang that we set our own interval. ako naman, hindi nag-stop. haha.

    no repeat of such stunts from team galloway on race day, i hope. :-)

  5. timmy, goodluck on sunday :) hopefully i can come and cheer for you guys :) (even if you are not wearing mizuno :p)


  6. interesting yung Road ID... one of my unfulfilled wish list pa... Magpapatahi na lang siguro ako ng ganyan :D

  7. Good luck Tim! Finally your marathon moment has arrived!

    Andami mo namang gears, pero peborit ko yung Timek watch mo, nice! Yung Kayano 13 ko retired na sa races pero good choice yan.

  8. I should probably get that interval watch. :) Am planning to do a full mary at the end of the year so I need to start training Galloway-style.

    The visor will definitely help absorb sweat from your forehead (which is where most sweat will be concentrated).

    Detalyado ah! That's good, you're very prepared. Good luck and see you on the Skyway!

  9. wala pa kasi akong pang CWX kaya shorts lang muna ako :D anyway, good luck to us, 6 days to go for the big day. good luck

    - brando aka ace

  10. Tim,
    hydra bag? baka overkill yan... ilang liters ilalagay mo?

  11. Good luck Tim!!! I'll take your advise on the tights, I'm planning to try running with tights for this race... also, you might want to consider bringing some form of nutrition (gel, chomps, bread, etc...) natuto ako sa SIM na it pays to bring something to munch on

  12. nice timmy, you're all set!

    let's savor and enjoy the glory of the marathon!

    run safe and injury-free, see you at the skyway!!! =)

  13. good luck! zzzzzz....aleth


  15. dude, if i were you, i wouldn't bring a hydration bag. :) good luck sa condura!!! :D woohoo!

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