Sunday, January 10, 2010

top 10 firsts of 2009

2009 has been a memorable year for me.

here are some highlights and firsts in my first running year.

1. Condura Run 2009
first official race
2. Botak 21K
- my first 21k
3. Botak sa Baguio
- first out of town race

4. Montalban Trail LSD
- first shot at trail running
5. 33rd Milo Marathon Eliminations
- first time to wear tights
- first time to run more than 21k to pace Rod on his first full mary

6. Kenny Rogers Urbanite Run
- first night race
7. Maragondon Trail Race Adventure
- first race i'd DNF looking for CP28.Pasig International Marathon
-first 42K relay marathon i've participated in9. New Balance Power Run
- first sub-60 10K run
- first time to be late in a race (thus causing my official sub-60 10K)
- first time NOT to wear TAKBO.PH singlet during an actual race

10. Rizal Day 32K Run
- first race longest run (before condura) using Galloway Method

- first boodle fight
to more firsts in 2010 :)

PS: para lang matuwa kayo sa "talent" kong si Argo :)


  1. first full mary? good luck, boss basti! :)

  2. mwahahaha kwela entry as usual! :D

    i really like the maragondon race. :P it was simply a mix of emotions for me. :)

    good luck sa condura! :) kaya natin 'to!

  3. God bless on Condura! luvyah, basti! =)
    wenner talaga yang si rodel!

  4. Nice pics...but really, it all understates 'the first experience'.

    Not sure if anyone has told you this, but I'm proud of you, and I'm proud of what you've become through running. =) Here's to more firsts and more second helpings of the good things you've had so far.

    Happy 2010, tommy! =)

  5. hoooyyy!!! pahingi ako nun pic!!! wala ako nyan ah!!! =D

    timmy! proud daw si lau!!! meow!!!

  6. Hey timmy!

    Interesting entry. Good luck in your running career. I'm sure you'll enjoy a kajillion more miles of races and sporting cool tights.

    Keep safe :)
    - Mae

  7. Timmy,
    Ahahaha!! nakita ko na naman yung kay Argo na yan... dami mong first time ha..(ops me kulang ka ata! yung pics ng unang xmas party) ngayon yung naman ang 42k CONDURA.. yakang yaka mo yan.. GoodLuck mr Kenkoy!!!

  8. goodluck timmy! :) basta injury free dapat :)


  9. Congrats Tim! A lot of firsts here, and I am happy to have been with you for most of it :P Here's to more milestones in 2010 bud :)

  10. congrats timmy boy! to more craziness this coming year! cant wait for your 'first marathon' entry! :)

  11. i like the last part. . . TALENTADONG ARGO!. . .


  12. ang dami mo palang hawak na talents Timmy! hahaha!

  13. Na-aalala ko yung Milo Marathon.

    Parang sabi mo ata sa finish line, 'parang masbumibilis pag naka tights ah!'

    di pa ako sure nun kung ikaw yung ka batch ko sa school! hahaha

  14. Cool list, I'm looking forward to join you in the succeeding races! KUDOS!

  15. Manager, seeing the video always makes me laugh!!!
    Grats sa lahat ng first!!!

  16. Congrats Tim! Halimaws na you!

    More pawis to your running life!