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cardiac attack

montalban trail LSD was the first time i joined a trail LSD, and back then, i was still a newbie.
i believe that to be a well-rounded runner, i should also incorporate trail runs in my training, even
it means waking up earlier that usual just to get a chance to run the cardiac hills route. the cardiac hills was already been "visited" by other members last year (2010) and i thought, i should be able to try this one out already.

the long and winding road (part 1)

the cardiac hills presented its challenge last yeara and i thought to myself why not try this one out. despite having lack of sleep (slept at 12, and almost got left behind because i woke up at 320 when our meeting time was 320! wahaha), i still pushed through with it.

the guys were at jollibee paseo de sta.rosa as early as 430am ata, and we were able to get there at around 5am. after arriving (as most of them were already warmed up and stretched), we then had a briefing on the route, etc, had a count off of total number of members running, etc. prayers were said, and off we go!

its hard to describe the route as it was a mixture of road, trail and rocky cemented roads.

here are some images taken during the run :)chill uphill run for julie as this is her second time to run the route
this time, she was determined to finish it running for most of the time

wondering where the name "cardiac" hill came from.
wala namang na cardiac arrest siguro while running this route, right? :)

one of the numerous group shots taken during the run. this one was shot while waiting for the others to arrive. (another excuse to slow down and run chika pace :) )mizuno run club boys represent!
(pero check out the shoes, hindi mizuno? tsk tsk tsk)

paging marketing peeps of mizuno, trail shoes please? :) heheheno one gets left behind.
walkeroo & kenkoyrunner made sure that the other knew where we were headed :)
saan kayo pupunta? DOOON!!!! :)
actually, lagpas pa doon

remember heartbreak hills?
"jill" got the better of "jack" this time

pic stop #2: mang BJ's

another group shot "ruined" by the argonaut

these were supposedly BIKE SUPPORT
but what did they do?? ? looked like a scene from a date movie if you'd ask me ;)
parang asa luneta park lang! :) hehehe

thanks for the trail mix RJ !:)
post run pic with chelly da belly @ jollibee paseo de sta.rosa.

it wouldn't be a run without the traditional class pic
take a look at the improvised banner

until next run! :)


  1. Hey Tim,

    Nice, buti na lang nakahabol ka!

  2. It was nice running alongside with you earlier today bro! More power to you and!

  3. just in time ang dating nyo...more LSDs pa....

  4. Condura na!!! aleth

  5. nice to start the year right with you guys! thanks Tim! sa uulitin! =)

  6. sama nga ako minsan diyan sa cardiac cardiac na yan hehehe

  7. kaya pala you asked me if i was gonna use trail shoes! ack! may trail pala ito!

    LSD ba timmy? Lasheng SLow Distance? Hayyyyyyy :P

  8. wahahaha! ang liit ng banner niyo! ;) meron din kaming picture ng Mizuno Run Club classmates sa sundown run! ;) abangan niyo nlng ang mga pics.

  9. Glad to see you this morning timzmacho... nice running w/ you ..:)

  10. wow naextra pa ako hahaha nacardiac ako dun sa hills... again nice blog tim, keep it up nagPR ka sa pagblog ha hehe =D

    nice running with you kapatid =D

  11. hehehe mizuno trail shoes please. :P

    next time, jack & jill part 3 naman! san kaya yun? :)

  12. boss basti, you didn't use your kanadia?

  13. Sir where is this located? Sobrang mukhang enjoy siya eh

  14. Nice one Tim. Dapat nag trail shoes ako hehe.

  15. Ang saya! very nice! I can't seem to recognize everybody in the picture though...


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