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An insider's look on behind the Secondwind Zone in the recently concluded The Bull Runner Dream Marathon.

a week has passed and there have been a lot of stories shared on the newbies experiences on their first marathon. we runners know that euphoric feeling that we experience upon completing our runs, much more if it is our first marathon. people say that you would never forget your first time.

this event was also a first for most of the second wind guys. for most of the races, they are the ones who are receiving support from the different races' marshals and their own support crew. this time, the guys support ALL the TBR marathoners and pacers, etc.

Here are some of the people you might have met during the TBR Bull Sessions, and during the marathon itself.

Team TAMA!

A group of girls (and boy) who dreamt of pursuing their dreams of having their first full marathon. Headed and coached by Hector Yuzon & Mikey Macainag, the group is composed of tambays at the shop.  This group regularly trained together every Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays for 3 months straight. Their strong finish in the TBR Dream Marathon is a proof of how these people seriously have something TAMA  going on :) Not in the picture Riki Quiroz.

Enzo Hipol

Definitely one of the fastest among the Secondwind Family, Enzo had his secret trainings here and there, balancing school work with training, he did surprise us all with his second place overall finish in the TBR. From initially just being in the top 16 runners during the 1st loop, and part of the top 10 runners upon starting the 2nd loop, Enzo slowly surprised everyone in the Secondwind Family when he slowly sneaked up from everyone to emerge second overall.

 Team CB of

Their tagline says it all : "Di Mabilis Pero Cute".These bunch of people you wouldn't take seriously on first look, but these people have big hearts. From being supporters of their fellow members in the previous full marathons, now its their turn to be supported. They've surprised us all with their "secret trainings" via the adination tiendesitas group, and their trainings have proven that what you put your heart into, you'd always succeed :)

here are some of behind the scenes from the Secondwind Zone guys.

team tama (secondwind) excited for their first marathon.
typical team tama, all funny and kenkoy before the start, but when the run starts, everyone turns into serious running mamaws and zone out to focus on their run (and in this case, marathon).

Hector: okay, team tama on three.
Team Tama: Three! TAMA!

The Secondwind Zone boys cheering on their Dream Marathoners at the start. 

as the rest of the Dream Marathoners were on their way...

Team Secondwind starts to think of how to go about their big task ahead.

since we had a vehicle, we were able to get ahead to the Secondwind Zone and set up our aid station while the runners were still running their first few kilometers on the other side (we were approximately 3K away from the finish line, but since this race has 2 loops of 21K, they were sure to pass by our place at least 4 times during the whole race), we had nothing to do for almost 30 minutes.  so while waiting...
team secondwind preparing their FRUIT and WATER station.
as much as we would like to call it FRUITS and water station, what we had initially were pears, kaya FRUIT lang yung inooffer namin. (hindi sa kuripot ah, wala kasi kaming nakitang ibang fruit na dala)

where are they? are they here yet? why are we up at 3AM waiting for people to pass by us?
some crazy thoughts from the secondwind boys while waiting.

before the guys decided to play patintero to keep ourselves awake, 
some of the "elite-ish" runners of the dream marathon passed by us already after 20+ minutes

check out the "motivation board" message of hector.
yan ang may TAMA! :) hehehe

 one of the bright ideas that came up while waiting was to track down the top contenders for this race (we were just bored, seriously) and to monitor their progress. (these were the marks written below).

as the night (or should i say day) progressed, we were able to get used to offering the runners our FRUIT and water.
we even sang a happy birthday song to Yan Dizon :) 

we never expected that giving support was this tedious PLUS the extreme hotness of the sun made the group go "bongkers' at times.


as the heat of the sun was getting hotter every second, each Secondwind member was assigned a task to speed things up in supporting the runners.
at the end of the day, despite the difficulties encountered during the race and as support station, moments like these keeps us motivated to support and always be there for each other :)

a lot of first time marathoners have sent their thank you's through facebook, etc. 
we/I  would just like to return the favor to all runners who let us help them reach their dream, without them we wouldn't be here.

thank you all and until the next race!


  1. Though I was one of the fortunate that needed no help during the run itself, just your presence in the course was very reassuring...during the second loop, one of you looked at me straight in the face and seeing me smile shouted - great run man, great run! And he was right! I was having fun! Kudos to all of you brothers all!

  2. tim! salamat for supporting our new marathoners! great to see you and team secondwind...galing 2 thumbs up!

  3. haha, ang saya naman ng pics nyo -- at mukhang ang init nyan! funny nung sign ni Hector.

  4. thanks again tim and the second wind guys!

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