Sunday, May 23, 2010

kapag tumibok ang puso.

after learning how to bike last week, the next most logical thing to do is to get my own bike (agree?)
so since my classmate ellen was not available for today's session, i opted to check out and look around for possible bikes.

prior to today, i've already asked around where to get built bikes, or even bike parts just so i'll know in case i do get to built my own bike. so i've asked around some friends if they can accompany me to cartimar to check out stuff there.

being a newbie, i needed someone who knows how to get to cartimar, and at the same time, thank goodness for Coach Pio (hehehe!) for giving in to our request so off we went to cartimar.

since it was my first time to go to cartimar, i was not sure what to expect, other than, puro bikes ung pupuntahan namin, and that i should be looking for a "cheap" starter road bike that i can practice on and at the same time use for competitions (pagka mahusay na ako). so yun. i was not able to see much nice road bikes kasi most of the bikes i saw there were either 1. over budget, 2. not ok bike parts, 3. no size. after going around all the bike stores that were open kanina, and not being able to check find a suitable bike, we decided to head back to qc and retreat na. one last hirit though, we went to quiapo and extreme bike shop in panay ave, but to no avail.

while still in cartimar, Pio suggested that instead of looking for a built bike, why don't i just make my own bike. medyo it was far fetched since i don't know that much about bikes, but still i entertained that idea primarily because i wanted to have a bike na rin.

other than knowing how to balance and pedal, i need to know all these, and their functions too!

on the way to extreme i texted some biker friends who know something about bikes. i told him that we were looking for bikes nga, and that i was wondering if he knew if the other stores were open today. during the exchange of text messages, i told him that we weren't able to see something that would be "fit" for me. he mentioned that, don't be in a rush in getting a bike, and that i should get the one that will make my heart beat (in tagalog, basta bilin mo yun magpapatibok ng puso mo para di ka tamarin).

this statement had made me realize that, indeed, this is going to be a life long investment, and that i shouldn't be padali-dali with regards to buying a bike (and in life in general). so i thought about it, and decided that maybe it was not yet time for me to get a bike.

since it was very hot and humid, our group decided to have a halo-halo merienda to cool ourselves off before retreating back home. over merienda, Pio mentioned that there was a bike store somewhere near our place. i just brushed it off and continued eating my halo-halo.  after the merienda, our group dispersed and went home separately.

while driving home, i remembered what pio said, so before going straight home, i looked for that bike shop he mentioned, just in case i see something that would make my heart beat.

reaching the store, this is what i saw on their table.


  1. ...wala ka ng magagawa kundi sundin ito! Kapag tumibok ang puso.. lagot ka na... siguradong huli ka... GO TIMMY!

  2. ako din timmy! gusto ko ng bike kaso out of budget pa :( i suggest bilhin mo by parts para you can customize it :) so sundin ako puso sa pagbili ng bike, matinding pag iipon na to. hehe! -tin

  3. waaaaaahhhh!!!!! gusto ko na rin ng bike!!!

  4. Nung tumibok ang puso ko, hindi na ako nag dalawang-isip. Hindi ko na sya pinakawalan. Hindi na ako tumingin sa iba. Inangkin ko na sya.

  5. naaaks, bibili na yan... hehehehe!

  6. tulad ng sinabi ko... OWN IT, YOU'LL REGRET IT HAHAHAHAHA
    ang gwapo ng bike timmy! go for it!
    buti na lang dumaan ka sa store na yun!

  7. Bili na, Basti! :) Bike, Basti, bike! :)
    I want a roadie, too!