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no more kenkoy runner...

after being egged on to try biking (or even to start learning how to bike), i finally did it :)
i was finally able to start the second leg of my three-step "diabolical plan" as tracy would state it.
after running for almost a whole year already, i've decided to try to study how to ride a bike.

you might be wondering how come i don't know how to bike, well, i actually don't know either hehe

anyways. here are some of the pictures from session 1 :)

this bike made sure we we're confident enough with out balancing skills before we moved up to the next level.

happy new riders

classmate ellen (aquathlete extraordinaire) and i finally enjoying our (borrowed) bikes :) thanks to papapio and coach rj :) 

rj showing us how to do the "aero" position :) 

don't under estimate the powers of the basket and the side view mirrors of this bike hehehe

Team Project: Training Wheel

wilnar, rico, rj, timmy, ellen, tracy
not in picture: coach pio

the team was able to successfully teach us (ellen and I), how to ride the bike. since it was a very hot and tiring day, we decided to call it quits and drove to the nearest mushroom burger for some more story telling and bike riding tips from the masters.

the masters kept on egging us to get bikes na so that we can start practicing what we've learned, and eventually start joining races too.


we went bike "window shopping" :)

ellen kept on insisting that she'd want to get a cheaper bike first before heading into the real deal roadie bikes, so we tried looking at the mall bikes just so to give her an idea.

ellen also kept on insisting that for her, she'd want her bike to be either PINK or white (or any girly color)

at the end of the day, when everything went back to normal, i've started to feel some aches and pains all over my body.

here are some of the war scars i've had during the bike lesson :)

minor scratches from the pedal due to balancing drills downhill :) hahaha
 some kinda kalyo forming at the palm of my hands 
this just means i was holding on too tight on the handle bars.

despite all these, we were still able to go home with a smile on our faces, just like this:

Thanks to papa PIO for the pics (except for the kiddie bike pics, c/o Tracy).

until the next session :)


  1. kiddie bike? are you kidding me?? hehehe =)

    guess what my friend. i learned from my lolo, that once you learned how to ride a bike, you will have that skill for the rest of your life.

    i remember him playing around with my bmx bike when i was in high school, and i was impressed how he rode my bike.

    congratulations to you and ellen on your new skill! congratulations too to the team for a great coaching job!

  2. nice! good job tim! Enjoy your biking! :)

  3. Congrats, Basti! :) Very happy for you and Ellen. You got the best coaches--RJ and Pio.

    Jet's right. Once you learn how, you won't unlearn it. Soon, you'll be confident and graceful bikers. Pedal lang ng pedal and practice lang ng practice. :)

    See you at the second leg of the Powerade Dua? :-) Let's buy a roadie! Har har har.

  4. I'm torn. Gusto ko ng roadie pero gusto ko rin ng mountain bike. hehehe :D Dapat nag-gloves kayo para hindi magkalyo.

  5. netshopping na sa !!!

    daming murang bikes ngayon timmeh! :)

  6. Timmy, I have a confession to make.... I love to bike... but I am afraid to do it on the road where jeeps are present... haha! Pano ako magpapraktis? sa village lang namin? hehe!

  7. tsk, tsk... devious! hmmm napapaisip tuloy ako hahaha :)

  8. PINK Bike talaga the best! All Pink na ko. Kulang ko nalan pink tri-suit and pink bike hahaha!

  9. thanks tim for this post. i won't forget our first ride na super sumakit ang "crotch" area ko...i'm very happy and thankful to the rest of the gang. thanks for the support :)


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