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all out

ang galing lang talaga with running, you get to realize a lot of things, be it DURING a run, or even after.
Mizuno Run Club poster.

for last batch's "graduation" pics, click here.

last night, while i was participating in the Mizuno Run Club/Clinic, guess what! i realized something again! well, not naman as if i don't know it, pero mas concrete experience lang this evening with regards to giving it your best, all out kumbaga.

the session (Sept.17) was all about speed. for the second session, the drills we did were all targeted to ideally help us use more of our core muscles, and shempre the leg muscles (like the quads, hams, etc) to help us speed up.

(or para maging batak parang ito)

for those who haven't seen us doing our drills, one might say that we look stupid, or even childish. we were a bunch of adults who were in a "park" playing.

timmy, julie, marvs, bry, et al playing around during
mizuno run clinic
when they should be doing the DRILLS!

that's me in the black and highlighter yellow shirt and black nyort nyorts
with matching mizuno wave inspire 4

it was fun, and at the same time, it has its own purpose which we (well, I do) know.

after the drills, we did the usual route, running around BHS first 2 rounds (the average time per round would be the basis for the second "set), then rest then 1 round but the time should be faster.

[eds note: first set was 15:37 so around 6.40 per round? then the second set was approximately mga 6:30ish ata, or something, basta i got faster.]

so okay na diba. after that the next round was sprint todo.

in this segment, i didn't have any specific game plan (not unlike the other rounds where, i could just go and do negative split). this round was to test my ultimate "speed."

before i went for it, i shempre had to "power up"

(thanks to Gatorade our sponsor :) )

shempre ako naman, go lang. ;) tamang tama, gamit ko ang aking mizuno wave elixir 4

( saktong sakto para sa mga ganitong speed workout kasi magaan sha
at tamang shoes for mild overpronators like me)

while i was running all the way, initially i felt that i can manage it, pero half way i told my other RUBUs (running buddies) that it was malayo pala. i didn't imagine it to be that long, lalo na when you are doing the all out todo sprint.

when in the middle of the strip, i felt i was lacking air na rin, as my lungs weren't as used to running at that speed,
breathe in, beath out (wax on, wax off)

so it had to find ways on how it can expand (the lungs ha) so that it could give me the necessary boost towards the end (kasi nga naman, konti na lang eh).

so ayun, i was already experiencing some kinda shortness of breath naman while during the first 2 rounds of the running drills (as i wasn't been able to run at that speed again) so medyo transition stage talaga again.

in life (and in running), one has their own goals, and purposes in life and that each has their own ways of letting themselves fit into place. nature has its own mechanism on how to make sure that for one to achieve a certain goal, there are things that one might have to let go, even if the mind thinks otherwise.each has their own place in time, and that we might not be able to initially understand why things happen, but eventually we will. life has its own ways of letting us know why things were taken out of our systems, but in the end, we all know that it's for our own good.



after nung "all out" exprience eh, back to normal na ulit :)

cool down

and picture taking galore!

Running Diva, Planet Trumanian & Jai-ho

Marvin Rae, Planet Trumanian, the Kenkoy Runner, Nuttybunny4

mizuno diba, bakit adidas at nike yan?

nakakangiti pa kayo ng ganyan after ng drills? hayop-animal! :D


dahil walang banner, ang run club tarp ang ginamit

until next week's session!


  1. Thank you TKR for this. Great post and pretty nice photos too! ;) Jai-ho is super cool than the last one, what do you think? It was nice also of Planet Trumanian to invite us to join him.

  2. take it easy next time..nice realizations, though.. =)

  3. How nice! Na-miss ko tuloy ang dati kong running clinic :D

    Well good luck on the drills! :)

  4. nice blog... with pictures!! including me while doing the stretching and the "all out" hehehe

    yup i agree with ellen, take it easy mang temmy =) waah wag naman sanang meron pang sumunod sa atin u know =P ika nga ng nakakarami "listen to your body"

  5. Wala ako sa pics? LOL!

    Good luck always classmate!

  6. hahaha timmy, ngayon ko lang napansin...naka adidas ka & naka nike ako with mizuno as background! :P talk about brand loyalty....hahaha

    hey, guys! see you all again next thursday! :D kulitan nanaman 'to!

  7. Tim, 6:30 di ka sanay? Eh ang bilis bilis mo kaya! Lol. Nice pix! :)

  8. aus! parang naranasan ko na ung feeling ng all-out sprint, ung tipong nagssquint na ung mata mo tas parang ang sarap humiga... haha. :D


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