Monday, September 7, 2009

ten on my mind.

i've been running religiously since feb 09 (or was that jan 09?) in preparation for ideally the Men's Health Miracle Run (March 09) but since I was bitten by the run bug, i was able to run at the Condura Run 09. That was my first ever serious run which i completed. My first encounter with a complete 10K route that passed by Kalayaan Flyover, and back. My time there was 1:05 something, the next race i had was another 10K where i clocked in at 1:04 naman. (up until this day, wala pang official results from the race organizers. according to them, na upload na daw sa website, but the results there are not complete, the times placed there were for the paired event only).

after that last 10k, i've decided to level up, to train for longer distances such as the SlimmerRun 10-miler run (which was only 15K as per the runners i ran with who had their garmins etc). i've had may fair share of LSDs (long slow distance runs), and long runs (well longer than 10K), group runs and lamons, and everything in between. I've had my middle distance runs (15, 16, 21k) and so far i've fairly pretty well with these distances.

recently, i've had my encounter with ITBs (pero feeling ko, mild lang sha, kasi i can still run naman initially painfree, pero when i stop dun may slight discomfort). after having meet ups with this discomfort after milo, and globe, it finally disappeared sa urbanite. (pero after that, i was not able to have training runs na rin as much as i used to).

SO, in prep for the upcoming October 21k galore (QCIM, SIM/KOTR,did i miss anything?), i need to run again.

here are some of the OPTIONS i have that can serve as warm up/training 10k races that are scheduled in september where i can run to help me prepare and get back to running shape.

1. Ayala Malls ECO-DASH (10K)

this route is somewhat similar to the globe run for home. like most 10k routes that starts from BHS, this passes through kalayaan flyover, then buendia. the thing that makes this route stand out is that it passes through/ near glorietta/ ayala malls.

as this route passes through the major thoroughfares in makati, expect the usual amount of pollution you'd encounter along buendia.

if you want a long route without much up and down road route, then this is the run for you.

2.Rota Run

the route for this run naman, is similar to the Earth Run's route, primarily because it utilizes the "unchartered" race routes in the mckinley area, passing through rarely used race routes behind bayani road. this route starts and ends in venetia drive, this route has its fair share of uphills, flat lands.

this route also can be considered as the less polluted area among the three choices we have here.

3.NB Power Run: Run for Hope

if you're the type of person who dread uphill routes, then this route is NOT for you. this 10k route, is somewhat similar to the Urbanite 10K route, as it passes the "dreaded" uphill routes of mckinley and venetia. Although this does not go all the way to the end of mckinley route (near C5), this will give you enough hills to make you really go after that 10K PR :)

i believe this NB route might have the most pollution as this route covers a wider area (BHS/fort, lawton, mckinley) as compared to the two previous routes mentioned above.

there. i've listed the 10K races that i can run before October comes. Hopefully, these races, together with my secret training (Tuesdays) and the Mizuno Run Clinic (Thursdays starting Sept.10) would help me get back in shape, just in time for the 21k races, and hopefully improve my 21K PRs (and my 10Ks as well).


  1. Waaaaaaaaaaaaa ang ganda naman ng Blog na ito! completos recados! Thanks for sharing Tim! now I've got another thing n my list!

  2. Nice one, timmy! Tirahin mo na lahat para masaya!

  3. perfect for doing a sub 60. Goodluck tim!

  4. i also have 10K in my mind, but i'll be doing my first 21K at QCIM. :)

    10K - Rotarun - pace with Eire
    10K - NB <<<< PR tayo dito, sub-60! :D
    10K - Milo - chill run