Wednesday, September 2, 2009

what's next?

for those hardcore runners who've wanted to cross the stretch of Commonwealth Avenue, this is your chance to do so, without fearing for your lives (against the raging buses and jeepney plying this wide road). I believe that the current updates being done around the race route (like improvement of lighting in the vicinity, construction of underground pedestrian underpass around the QC Circle, and renovation of the Tandang Sora Flyover) are being done to have the race venue more appealing.

as a QC resident, running through these streets would be a dream come true, and support too.

having been an avid adidas fan, my heart is being torn between participating in the KOTR this October 25, 2009 as it coincides with the Smart -Subic International Marathon. Plus the design of this year's KOTR singlet makes the decision more difficult to choose among the two races. IF i go to Smart-SIM, I would be able to see them in their first 21K race (and might even pace them, if possible). If i choose KOTR, then i might be able to get myself a new PR, and at the same time, participate in my first-ever Adidas KOTR (one of the races I told myself I would be running this year).

oh, and did i mention the 25% off adidas running stuff ?

this on the other hand, the Smart SIM promises the full marathoners the opportunity to pass by SCTEx. Im not sure if the half marathon (which I am registered in) would pass by SCTEx, but if it does not, then, hmmm (I might not take this any more?) hmmm...

I'm torn....


  1. nice header pic!

    i also have the same dilemma. but here's my most probable solution: bandit/pace in qcim, register only for the singlet of kotr, run fm in sim.

  2. Torn here as well Tim. If I think I can handle the marathon distance I'd definitely go for SIM. If the knee aint okay, most probably KOTR :)

  3. Tim, my suggestion for you is:

    Go for 21K PR sa QCIM for the nice chip results
    Register for the cool singlet & discount coupon
    Party with us Saturday night at Subic
    Chill run the 21K with RJ, Marga, Carina, etc.

  4. torn? . . join all. . . no pressure bro hahaha

  5. jet,
    thanks! hehehe kahapon ko pa iniisip about the header eh, buti na lang free time sa office kahapon at naisipan pang makagawa ng ganyang header.hehehe

    bongz registered me for SIM already, i'm just waiting for the KOTR before i reg also :) wait for the maragondon blog bro. hahahaha

    very nice suggestion :) except for the party on saturday night,baka malaspag ako nun for the 21k race the next day. pero i'm inclined to pacing the 21k virgins too :)

    i hope you guys liked the new header :)

  6. hoy naka reg na tayo sa SIM :-)

  7. been running that stretch for the longest time used to live in cresta verde near bayan novaliches and i would run that stretch against the flow along the center island seen a lot action in doing so a toyota corolla on top of a guava tree probably after a heated drag race the night before a crossing hobo being swipe by a trike and hitting his head on the gutter ending unconcious and a few other not so significant regular occurences like dump truck garbage pickers shouting "sumakay ka na lang" all in a days run but what the heck nobody runs that stretch without getting the jitters of getting swipe by a speeding road rage maniac see at the finish line qc 42

  8. Nice header Tim! :D Torn! Torn! hahaha Don't be...

  9. KOTR! I like!


  10. KOTR! :) if i hit sub-60 in the NB, i might try 21K in the QCIM. :D slowly but surely.

  11. SIM! :-) Hehe.
    I'm still hoping KOTR will be moved to another date. Sayang.

  12. torn? punit? hehehe... takbo tayo ng 21K sa QCIM, then 41K sa subic. then pa-reg for singlet sa KOTR.

    ayos? apir!!!