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i've had my last race at the Urbanite race, and since then, work has been piling up also. and to add insult to injury, the weather these past few weeks hasn't been that pleasant. the last physical activity that i did close to running was at the MITMC Maragondon adventure which tested our capabilities in orienteering (which was difficult for most of us as we had no background on map reading during adventure races, river crossing as most of us still wore our road running shoes, and compass usage). for more details on that adventure, click here.

as i was browsing the picture from that event, i saw and realized that i've been gaining weight as was evident with my tummy becoming bigger, and it was obvious! SO, I said to myself, i need to seriously run and start training again.

the road to recovery (of lost speed and endurance) started with the third installment of the Mizuno Run Clinic (every Thursday, 7PM Mizuno BHS). this came just in time as i was in need of something to push me again to serious training mode. serious training mode means i can eat again without having to think much as i would be burning all the calories naman as i continue with my serious training/running mode. :) for the past week, my serious training mode included a 36K Long Slow Distance (LSD) run with other peeps in alabang.

i had dinner with my girlfriend's family, and i am proud to say i helped with the dessert (we had minatamis na kamoteng kahoy with sago). for the main ulam, we had some left over lumpia from lunch and crabs. we also bought crispy pata from the nearby tindahan to add to our ulam (and primarily because we thought other friends would be joining us for dinner, but at the last minute backed out due to the bad weather).

i opted to feast on the sumptuous crispy pata
primarily because i don't eat crabs

so there, while i was heartily munching and devouring the sumptuous crispy pata, i kept telling myself, " it's okay, you will be running 36K tomorrow during the LSD, all these calories and fat will be burned tomorrow". I guess i was saying it too loud that event my girlfriend's mom was laughing at me. :)

soon after the wonderful dinner, i rested and watched TV with my girlfriend before i headed home to pack my stuff for the LSD and at the same time,buy the necessary food and drinks for the LSD. since this LSD was to be held in a land unknown to us northerners (well, i don't usually head south to Alabang/ATC to have an LSD), i had to wake up super early the next day to meet yup with fellow team LOST member and member Doc T (aka. Sen. Bong) who has willingly took us in on the way to Alabeng.

so there, we were super early sa alabang, and to think we came from the other side of the world, kami pa naunang dumating. we arrived at McDo ATC around 4am, while those who lived nearby arrived mga past 430 na.

some of the early birdies from the north (and tagaytay)

Doc T: ano ba naman yan, bakit ang tagal nyo?
Jetaime: ahihihi sorry naman, ang lamig eh :)

as soon as we had a decent number of runners with us, we proceeded with the run. jet led the prayer and we started rolling.

sobrang lakas ng ulan that morning, well more on bagyo ata sha actually.

sobrang dilim pa when we started kahit mga 5AM na ata yun, check the pic above for reference.
despite the bad weather conditions, being adiktus that we are, we continued with the LSD pa rin.

we didn't shy down from the rain,what more the baha and the puddles of water (and putik) also.

one of the pitstops we had during the LSD
time to catch up with those at the back, CR break, eat up, load up,and of course PHOTO OPS

for others, they were doing this for the mileage as they are on training mode for full marys (either QCIM or Smart SIM).
one might ask, from the 4.8k mizuno run clinic mo,
recovery run mo was the 21.5K LSD, huway??

ako? i'm doing it for the Crispy Pata.

ayot? APIR!

oh, yeah before i forget, Condura's got a FULL MARY for 2010! woot woot!

another reason to run, next to crispy pata of course :D


  1. Nice Tim, ginutom mo tuloy ako! Congrats on your LSD, I heard a lot of you it milestones there, just as half the gang did at faraway Eco-dash. Overall, a good day for denizens :) Nice piece, one of your better posts man.

  2. Welcome back to running! You looked like you missed a lot.

    Comeon, it's not just the crispy pata. =)


  3. uy gusto ko din ng crispy pork leg. . . huh?

    tapos malamig na beer! hmmmm. . .

    -anonymous doc- lol

  4. crispy ang pata ni timacho ? I guess this explains why he's into running ..? To make it more crisp..? (ano konek ? hehe)..

    Nice to hear that no issues encountered during your LSD.. more safe practise runs timz'

  5. Nice...very nice. Good job, Bro.

    Crispy Pata is much nicer!

  6. Pag LSD, crisy pata talaga ang katapat niyan. Cheers to deep fried meat and rain-soaked/sun-dried runners!

  7. HOOOYYYY!!!! wehehehe...

    mas madami pa ata ang taga north kesa taga south nun lsd. mga adik talaga. =D

  8. Good to know that your now injury free! galing galing Tim!

  9. Picture pa lang nakaka inggit na. Picture ng Crispy pata at LSD.
    Mga addict talaga; Rain or shine.

  10. kaya pala ang bilis ng takbo mo noong linggo. who needs hammergel, kung kumain ka ng crispy pata?


  11. CRISPY PATA Run!! nice one Timmy.. title pa lang kakagutom na.. grats sa LSD nyu last sunday lugi na naman ako.. nde nakasama.. injury free kana!! training for Full Marathon na to....

  12. Dami pala ninyo, Tim. i should have been with you, guys. Dahils sa ulan, d na ko nakaalis. Next time nalang!

  13. Tim, I don't know what to say ... ;) Glad you're back into training mode.

  14. the rain will never dampen runners' spirits talaga, especially when you just ate something sinful. :-P
    keep running! :-)


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