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and the search began....

it all started with this thread in the shoutbox.

everyone was enticed as this would provide us with a new experience. for some of the group who were into mountaineering/adventure racing, this was a fresh welcome to the numerous road races occuring weekly. this event would have provided the much needed rest for our road shoes, and a much needed welcome for their trail running shoes :)

they even had compass reading learning sessions to prep the group which, was mostly composed of newbies.
the day started early, and we rode this magical school bus of some sort going to maragondon. (take note! ang bus ride na ito ay special dahil bawal pala ito sa edsa or something to that effect, pero naka daan kami!)

o diba ang cute nung bus? ;)
umuulan kasi ng malakas nung papunta kami ng maragondon
kaya ayan half lang ung windows na opened.

we arrived at the site around 630AM, and sobrang tagal before nag start ng race.

we got super bored while waiting for things to happen, so while others were sleeping, being the active bodies that we are reminisced our childhood games by playing

a) luksong tinik

b) patintero

after exhausting ourselves waiting,

we were able to get our numbers already (we were team 32)

and waited again before the race actually started.
(kelan ba kasi mag start?) nagsusungit na si timmy

as usual tradition, photos were taken to make sure that this journey was well documented.
as proof, here are some of the links from Argo, Zig, Doc T, Chelly, just to name a few.

before the actual race, we were given this pre-race instruction. That seemed easy :)

shempre meron kaming team photo ops near the starting line.

with teammates, carly, me, ziggy, doc T

after that, we were to look for this hanging bridge.

malamang sa nakita namin diba? initially ang yabang pa naming team LOST kasi we haven't been able to locate the other teams after passing through this bridge. we were able to bump into a lot of teams sa may rice fields after the hanging bridge.

this was one of the last pics we had with other teams
(di na namin sila sinama sa picture baka isiping cheaters kami)

most of the time while we were with them, we were just taking photos of each other, pang blog,and multiply. pero other than that, the competitive nature of us runners were still on hypermode, so todo hanap kami ng mga lugar kung saan saan para matanto yung next point.

ang dami naming napuntang lugar. let me show you the pics:
after going around in circles for 4 hours, we decided to head back to where we started.

suko na kami, ilang oras din kaming nag ikot, hindi namin matanto ang CP2 na yan!

we retraced our way, via our ever dependable compass,
we were able to figure out that we should head back 60 degrees east.

with terrains such as those above, i got myself thinking.
it is not right to treat ROAD running shoes to these types of terrains,
with all the mud, water, cow dung, etc.

as i was walking through the sapa, and the putik
all over again on my way back,
i told myself its time.
now the search begins....

for my first ever trail running shoes!!!! :)

(although what i have in mind is the adidas kanadia TR2)

if you have other suggestions, feel free to let me know.
i'm open to suggestions pa naman.



  1. ayot! bibili na sya ng trail shoes! :D

    asan yung pic ni doc t na may hawak na ahas? ginamitan ng agimat ni nardong putik un dba!? lol

    yey! binasa ko blog mo! hahaha... (kasi may pics!) lol

  2. wow, adventure! :)
    running shoes went through the river? hala, a kanadia pair is calling out for you. :)

  3. Classic talaga yang bus na yan! Vintage! Ilang pasada na lang, antique na yan!

    At lumabas pa ang inyong creativity at playfulness through those childhood games. Mabuhey!

  4. haha syempre ininggit mo na naman ako :P

  5. comment! hahaha! ;) teka lng po... will read it soon. busy pa ngayon eh. hehehe. :D

  6. Timmy try mo din North Face or Vasque. Sabi ko sayo sa ROX lagi may sale. Meron din daw outlet along Pioneer. Ako I'm satisfied with my Vasque :) Pero ganda din ng Adidas Kanadia TR2 na yan ah! You just have to try it on kung ok ang fit sayo.

  7. Timoteo! Mahusay kang bata! Nanumbalik ang alaala ng ating pagkawala sa paghahanap ng CP2 na yan! Huwag mag-alala. Sa susunod, makakarating rin tayo sa Huling Linya (sagwa ng translation :)).

  8. super adventure talaga itong Maragondon Orienteering... but super enjoy and I conquered my fear sa heights heheh nakapass ako sa hanging bridge hahah... well as for the trail shoes yeah we need to buy na! now na!

  9. Heheheh vintage bus going to mexicoooo! Nice recap Tim :) Tama, kailangan talaga ,may trail shoes tayo man, ilang beses ako nahulog sa putik dahil jan! Astig yung pinost mo na shoes man, I myt consider it :)

  10. nice post...minus the negative sentiments..bwahahhaa! fish!

    yeah, better buy a trail shoes. ganda ng color nyan ah..hope may makita ka pa.. :)

    thanks, extra pa ko sa pics..heheh..

    gulat nga ako sa team nyo..kasama nyo naman si nardong putik, bat di gumana agimat nya? tsk, tsk..

  11. Go go Kanadia! :-) Nice pix bro!

  12. nice read tim.. :)
    im glad you liked the bus also.. vintage pero there's somthing special about the bus.. hahaha
    i like your pics looking lost.. hahaha at ngkakamot na ng ulo si doc T at carly ha..
    yabang sa una pero wala din.. hahaha
    you guys were not lost, ngwawander-wander lang kayo sa bundok.. lols

  13. ayos ah. yung bus, parang Goco bus dati sa school!

  14. kudos to the new adventures of takboph peeps :)

    trail shoes = more trail runs :)


  15. Great documentation! Parang pelikula pero kewl na kewl dahil totoo.

    Ayt, I said my piece.

    OK, may I sleep now? Hehe

    Seriously, nice nice blog. =P Trail run ka ulet!


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