Wednesday, May 20, 2009

leap of faith (reposted)

original blog was made after the my first 21K at botak paa-tibayan.

while most of the people were ranting about the hassles of the race, i went deeper and reflected not on how hassle it was for all, but more on the thoughts behind the event itself, and how i made this "leap of faith"

happy reading!

this morning, i finished my first ever half-marathon at the botak paa-tibayan held at the fort. for a newbie, i never thought of having my half mary as early as may, as i just started "serious" running at the start if the year. it was not yet in my plans to run a half mary this early, but maybe the addict in me was so persistent that i eventually gave in. at first i was having second, third thoughts on whether or not i can do it. I don't want to do something where im not sure if i can finish it ba, or if i could pull something off which i haven't even tried imagining doing before.

in short, this transition to tackle 21K was a major leap of faith on my part (both physical and psychological). it was a leap of faith brought about and inspired by those who believed in me, that i can do it, that i am strong enough to finish strong and yet injury-free. this applies not only physically, but also psychological, and emotional.

the whirlwind of events leading to this day (may 10, 2009) had been ibang klase, (just like the weather days prior to race day). daming ups, downs, sideways, etc,na sobrang labo-labo everything. one moment masaya, the other, malungkot, tas biglang bawi ulit sa saya, tas salpak na naman sa lupa, tas langit na naman :)

bottom line is, this leap of faith, from 10k to 16K to 21K was not only a jump in distances, but also in lessons along the way :) as a friend mentioned to me one time, one thing nice with running is that you learn new things along the way, or you realize things that you've repressed before, basta. running opens you up to a lot realizations about self, life and everything else in between.

this first 21K experience would definitely be one of the most memorable first times i'll ever have in my life. the distance pa lang eh, i never imagined at the start of the year that i can finish that (and sabi pa ng mga tao ang bilis ko daw! huwaw! ayot!) tapos, the atmosphere pa kanina during the race was kakaiba! given the previous days were like super ulan, this
morning, it was SUPER DOOPER INIT! even the veteran runners were complaining about the heat, and the lack of water sa water stations, be it cups, or literal water, or even the missing marshals (i won't even wanna talk about it kasi super kawawa na sila sa pagrereklamo ng mga runners kanina).

im just thankful for those who believed in me. and saw what i was capable of doing (when i was having some doubts about myself,they continued to believe in me :) APIR! AYOT!

someone told me that i should always inspire myself :) i do naman eh, i just need someone to push me some more :)

thanks to doc Eric who paced me during the whole race. thanks doc E! (pacer na, photographer pa!) i owe you one doc E! (doc Eric, thanks
for the picture again---------->)

for those who were waiting for me at the finish line: thank you for your support.

for those who said they'd be there but were not
able to go : i understand. thank you for supporting me. your presence might have made things feel a whole much better, but by just the thought of you believing in me made me stronger, and made me want to finish the task at hand the fastest possible time, without injury.

for those friends who almost had an accident while trekking in curly mountain, you all know i love you :) and wouldn't want anything bad happening to you (loko ka chelly! hahaha)

to all those who endured the heat and lack of water kanina during the race: we survived! hindi lang nga lahat may medal for finishing, but the fact that we were able to finish the race and did not quit in the middle of it all (when it seemed like wala nang sense to push through, we still did), APIR!

to doc roy & pojie who did finish the 42K despite the noontime heat: mga hoff nga talaga kayo! APIR! :) (salamat ulit doc roy hahaha!)

sa lahat ng naniwala, nag tiwala at tumangkilik, SALAMAT!

sabi nga ni fr. ferriols, lundagin mo beybi!



  1. apir!!! ayus.. may blogspot ka na din. susunod nyan hindi ka na makakatulog at kakalikutin mo ng kakalikutin ang layout ng blog mo.


  2. Hey Timmy, nice to see you in blogspot.

    On fear factor and leap of faith, all I can say is: Fears are best embraced by leaps of faith...Keep on leaping and running, kenkoy runner :0

  3. Congrats on the blog timmyboy :) At one time or another, we just need to make that leap of faith. Oftentimes, we do it blindly. But it's the satisfaction of crossing over to the other side that fuels us to do what we do :)