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post-baguio thoughts

the past few weeks prior to baguio have been a whirlwind of events which revolves around running, work, family and the balance i need to give to ALL these. so far, it seems like the most i've been giving priority/ attention to is my running. improvement in my running time has been greatly noticed by my runner friends , (even to the point calling me "hoff"). for me okay to, but then again, i realize that there are other facets of my life, facets that i tend to overlook at times, primarily because i've been focusing on my running.

at one time, on the way to makati, i was talking to a friend about this topic. I told her na parang i'm not being able to maximize my potentials anymore. knowing myself, i know that if i focus on it, i can do it. i can achieve my goals. no matter what other people might say to me, it will not deter me from doing what i set my mind into doing.

this made me think of what i wanna do in life. do i want to be in an office? do i wanna go out and explore the world? do i want to work in a sports setting where i can do both marketing AND at the same time immerse myself into sports further?

i do believe i need to re assess myself soon, actually SOONER. where do i want to go? who do i want to accompany me in my journey?

like what a friend replied to one of my blog entries, i need to enjoy this race called life.
yes, life is a race, actually, a series of races.

in this fast-paced mary, we need to ask ourselves on what is MY gameplan for this. what approach are you going to use, positive split, negative split, chill running, steady running or "WOW ___________" moments.

ang tanong ko now is, anong PACE mo? (how steady can you handle all the obstacles that we will face along the way? are you going to sit back and whine? or will you think of cheating the race?)

you tell me. :D


  1. apir!!!

    nakita ko ito sa isang billboard sa SLEX...
    "LIFE IS A JOURNEY... SIT BACK AND ENJOY THE RIDE!!!"kung sino man gumawa nun billboard na yun... pakisabi, masyadong malaki. nakaka-distract sa mga nag mamaneho. =)

  2. It's the journey, not the destination tim hahaha :)

  3. Steady or chill pace ako most of the time. Every now and then PR attempts and tempo runs. Minsan pag walang choice, bandit na lang. :-)

  4. isa lang ang masasabi ko tim... go!

  5. When you're young, you tend to relax your pace, thinking you have time in your hands. As you grow older, you realize there's not much time left and then you increase your pace. But no matter how fast your go, you WILL NEVER, EVER make up for lost time. Why? Because your body simply cannot do anymore what your mind wants it to do...its called ageing.

    I say you live life to the fullest NOW. Be at the fastest pace you are able to do.

    LIFE is a natural positive split bro. You start blazing and then lose steam on the succeeding kilometers...;-)

  6. My love for sports and my background in production has, surprisingly, turned into something lucrative. It doesn't feel like a chore, it is work, but it is something that I love. Even the stress that comes with organizing my schedule and staying up late is enjoyable. You'll find it too in the same way I found mine. :)

    Sports and marketing would be great!

  7. Ganda ng pic! hulog kaya kita! hehe


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