Monday, November 1, 2010


i am not a clown.

i am not what you would typically consider a "funny man" to all types of people. 


in my earlier days of running, little did i know of the proper running form, etc, a runner-friend mentioned that i looked funny while running. my head was wobbling side to side like one of those bobble head animals you'd see in taxi cabs etc.

they found it as something "kenkoy," thus, the Kenkoy Runner was born.

i started seriously running start of 2009 to initially lose weight, but fell in love with running.

i enjoy running, not because of the competition, but more on the natural high i get out of running.

i am not a speedster, but can be if needed. (or if challenged).
i have tried long distance running and found it to be relaxing, most specially if it  takes one outside of the metro.

initially was focused on running, but was exposed to multi-sport through runner-friends.

learned how to ride a bike only in june 2010 initially as a cross-training while recuperating from an ITBS. got addicted to biking soon after.

still polishing my swim to be a more efficient swimmer.

i am a marathoner, and a newbie triathlete. 

feel free to read on my thoughts about running,biking, swimming, or about life in general. 

a serious person despite the kenkoy outlook in life.


  1. ok thanks for clearing that up. but I actually thought that you're kenkoy coz you're one of the funniest runners I know. and that's a compliment ha! =)

  2. thanks hotlegs! :) basically that's how Kenkoy Runner started, hehehe :) initially people might think i'm masunget because i don't really talk much to people i don't know (or don't feel like talking to, hahaha)

    thanks for the compliment again! get well soon!