Sunday, November 28, 2010

shaved or not?

there are rumors that real men shave their legs.

in high school, i had a classmate who was part of the track team and he said they were somewhat required to shave their legs in order to be faster. this i am not sure how the leg hairs affect their speed.

in biking, the same thing has been rumored to be true. i have read from a veteran biker's recount on this concept.

it has been a long time since my leg was "shaved," and the time i  had my legs shaved was not because i "wanted" to go faster. it was because they needed to.

this was taken a long long time ago, 2004 to be exact.

well actually, my leg was not shaved literal, it was my knee area. given that i'm into this biking thing, and is still new with the cleats, i still have tendencies to fall/ semplang, and one of the most-hit area are my knees, or legs. 
now it seems more logical too, to shave my legs for a faster, easier tocino cleaning :)
check out their legs,smoothly shaved!

hmmmm, now i'm thinking, shave or not?

does this also cause drag in my swim? hahahahaha

ayot? apir!


  1. Track and field players shave? Now that is a first.

    I know swimmers shave, and this is to reduce drag/ resistance to the water.


  2. when i was in hi school . i use to shave my legs. thinking i could cut my time. i think it worked :-) - patrick concepcion / runningshield

  3. Timmy, yung nakita ko sa mga pictures ng ironkids, hindi lang legs ang shaved, pati kilay shaved din. :P