Monday, November 15, 2010

letting go

there are a lot of things we do to make life easier but we should not hold on/ rely on them too much.
there are times when we should learn to let go. yes, there are things that makes life easier, makes us feel as if we are already strong, that we can manage with them with us the whole time, at times being too dependent with them. we should always remember when to let go. we should learn when to stand on our own two feet and to stay grounded.

there may be times where one would suffer from "separation anxiety," to a point that we fall down with them, still holding on to them despite the need to be "independent." sometimes we fall flat on our butts primarily because we didn't want to let go.

we should learn how to let go, to ensure that we can still manage by ourselves, and yet, maximize the support and ease that they can give us, to make life easier for us, but without compromising what we can do by ourselves. i am still getting used you having you around, but i've felt how much easier things are when i use you.

i am not saying i don't need you, this is just a reminder for me to LET GO at the RIGHT TIME, because if I don't practice letting go "properly", this might happen:


- Thoughts on using cleats & bike shoes for the first time :) 


  1. kakaloka ka. kala ko nag break na kayo ng GF mo. whew!

  2. hi hotlegs! hahaha hell no! :) sobrang painful din yung ganon, pero itong sa bike shoes eh physical pain lang which will make me a better rider in the future (in time for Subit and WRT next year :) ) for the meantime, bulk of my trainings are focused on Condura redemption :) good luck on your FM debut! :)

  3. Haha. Go go go tim. Ano, binili mo na ba? Isalang na yan!