Wednesday, November 24, 2010

kenkoy dancer?


 tambay muna waiting for next "dance step"

 sir rene showing how the fingers should make "pilantik" hehehe

 "in in out out"

shake, body body dancer

 step in, step no

 nag checheck kung tama o mali ang artista

the drills we did last night during adination UP's sessions were the same drills I did when i was having therapy for my torn ACL a long long time ago. so when we were doing these drills last night, everything was easy.

a little refresher course also on the drills we had during the first day of UP adination AND mizuno run clinics.

more adination day 3 pics HERE

all photos in this blog entry was taken by Lenz Rico (or her camera).


  1. what's the meaning of this, manager? Ikaw na ba replacement ko jan? LOL ;p

  2. favorite ko pa rin yung shake body body dancer na sampalok :) hehehe

  3. Back to running na talaga ha? :-p Nice form, turuan mo naman kami minsan niyan...

  4. kenkoy runner, kenkoy biker, kenkoy swimmer and kenkoy dancer. kenkoy singer in the works, too? :P