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blue, green, or medicine

last week, a lot of my friends became ROCKSTARS.

this weekend, runaholics are up to another run-filled weekend with the following races:

 BLUE BLOODS are encouraged to run in this race as this is (by far) the only race I know in the Metro that passes by the Katipunan Flyover. I haven't heard of any other runs that passed by Katipunan Flyover except this for one. (Most often, the ones I know who pass by this road for their long runs do it under the flyover, not above, but i know some other exception).

 check out st. bridget school behind them :)

At the other side of the metro, GREEN PEEPS are having their own gathering of sorts in MOA.  Ever since I've been into running, I've always heard of the hardcore La Sallians trooping to MOA for their Animo Run. If you're after new PRs in one of the flattest routes in the Metro, I do believe you should troop to this race.


As the Trilogy's season-ender, Coach Rio's Afroman Distance opens up a new "distance" for newbie runners. This is not the first 32K run in the metro (please remember that Sir Jovie's Rizal Day Run is also 32K). But i do believe, with the progression of Rio's races, he might be cooking something up. I guess we'll just have to wait for it.

For those who are training for the year-ender marathons of 2010, this race is most often than not,part their training list for this weekend. (or if not for Q1marathon training long runs, this run is also used as a taper run / last long run for those going to Cebu's 50K Ultramarathon and for 2nd QCIM)

see you around! :)  happy running!

ayot? APIR!


  1. dami mo naman nilagay sa plate...kakahilo mamili tuloy.



  2. May Cameo Role pala ako sa kenkoyrunner this week. hahaha


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