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revenge will be mine.

Last year, I was enlisted to be part of the biggest running event in Quezon City.

Unfortunately, i was not able to do so; I had to slow down.

This year, however, I am vowing to take my sweet revenge.

In line with my other goal to beat and improve on my first full mary, running this year's QCIM half mary fits my training perfectly.

Here are some of my motivations why I need to run this one.

1. nice medal design.

2.nice scenic route too.

not your typical 21k that goes around the usual areas.

Starting line is at the Quezon Memorial Circle. Run along Philcoa and enter UP via University Ave. Run around the acad oval and exit via University Avenue towards Commonwealth. Run along Commonwealth until Dona Carmen Ave.

Turn around upon reaching Dona Carmen Ave (landmark is flying V) and run back along Commonwealth, enter UP again via University Ave, go around the acad oval, exit through University Ave and run to the finish at QCMC.

3. Simple, yet challenging. 

I've been to this route with last year's QCIM LSD to familiarize ourselves with the route. I guess I have to revisit the route again. how i miss the rolling roads of Commonwealth Avenue. It's different when you're in a car VS running along Commonwealth Ave.

for the full mary: they've removed the part passing through North Ave., so it's going to be a long but fun route along Commonwealth Ave., plus the beautiful sight inside La Mesa Eco Park. oh, have I already said that from the starting point (QC Memorial Circle),  you get to go to  C.P. Garcia and u-turn upon reaching  Katipunan Ave.before going back to the UP Acad Oval ? NICE noh? :) 

4. I live in QC, to be more exact, along Commonwealth Ave. If I get topak, I might just run towards QC Memorial Circle rather than bring my car (to save gas and to warm up, hahaha).

I have to start lacing my running shoes again soon. It's going to be another fun-filled December :) 

Just in time to burn the goodies I might be eating during the holiday season. 

QCIM Half Marathon, I'll be ready for you! 

see you on the road guys! 

P.S. I do believe that the Adination UP (FINALLY!) is just in time for my QCIM and Condura  preparations too!
(I miss my Mizuno Run Club sessions tuloy...)


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