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nursing a bruised knee and ego

yesterday's Globe Run For Home was a special run for me. the day started kinda like any race day. i had some takbo members to wake me up to make sure i get there on time, i had my 'runs' the week prior to the race. i did my usual day before race rituals,(rest at home, chillax lang, then go to mass sa gabi, etc). so far so good. well, i added to the ritual pala yung hanging out at second wind, and took a mid afternoon nap while watching DLSU getting beat by FEU (super boring talaga to kaya ako nakatulog siguro hahahaha). tas since di ako maka tulog, nag net muna ako and usap sa phone :) nothing bad naman about that diba? (kasi nga natulog ako ng hapon) :) so there, ok naman pag dating sa race venue, ok na sana kasi walang traffic etc, pero ung intended parking space behind ROX was dedicated daw to VIPs, tas sobrang nag traffic ung paikot to the other side as the other runners were either tinatamad mag isip, OR walang idea san pa pwede pumunta to park. as soon as i got th

twenty one plus ten

during the first and only run for the week for milo half, i was a bit dissatisfied with the way i ran. last tuesday, we had 16K covered, and for some weird reason, this cloud of self-doubt was hovering over me. i felt i had a bad run during my (one and only) practice run for the week. sobrang drained ako that day (well for the week actually). during my usual runs, i would normally be happy during the run, but that time, there was something bothering me, something i can't pinpoint yet (or something i don't want to pinpoint yet). at first, i didn't want to harbor on that thought, na sobrnag bad run for me kasi ang bilis kong napagod, na hindi ako maka focus as compared to my usual runs, tas to top it all, work has been hectic (or should i say, mas focused ako na sa work ehehehe) kaya medyo na out of focus sa runs. throughout the week, my thoughts were focused on that, on that "one bad run." i was not able to get over that thought tipong until the saturday night eh