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UPDATED: takbo alimango takbo!

with all of the running boom lately, it's rare to see a road race labeled "correctly". a lot of fellow runner-bloggers have been berating hosts/radio and tv personalities mentioning races as a marathon, but in actuality, it's just a FUN RUN. what's the difference? basically it's just about the distance of the race. haha big deal no? being a marathoner is really a big deal, but for me, it's not a something that one should make a big fuzz out of. anyway, i got a facebook invite to a crabby run, haha, crabby primarily because it is the Red Crab Alimango House Fun Run :) yup, fun run. and to make things more clear, it is a 5 kilometer fun run to be held at McKinley. For those veteran runners, we all know that McKinley is one hilly route. it's fun to do hill repeats here ;) sooo this fun run, it's really gonna be a FUN one :) hehehe. Registration fee : P650 (race bib, singlet, finisher’s medal and our sumptuous breakfast!!!)  Race Rout

inspired again.

from my old, "serious" scheme, i've revived and revised my blog's look and feel (well, not really naman sobrang overhaul, pero gets?) this time mas buhay sha than before. maybe a visual representation of me reviving this blog. from a black base, to a more lively blue shade. what inspired me to get use this color scheme. the 2013 Mizuno Wave Inspire 9. truly inspire-ing  i've always been an Inspire person, and this one really is inspire-ing ;)  I hope we get this model and colorway here in the Philippines. SOON. I actually like what's happening lately to mizuno's colors. for me, it's about time for the shoes to follow the trend of brightly colored shoes compared to other brands. mizuno has been well known as  durable shoes, but most of the colors brought here are a bit on the 'boring' side. with the influx of the other 2013 shoes having psychedelic colors, things are cooking up with Mizuno for 2013.


it has been literally almost a year since the last time i had a road race. the last time was 2011's king of the road. why did i all of a sudden take a hiatus from joining races, and/or running? well, it's more of like taking a break from a bad 'break up'. this bad break up was not with running per se, but more on some of the things i held close to my heart (and no, i did not break up with my girlfriend hahaha! we're very much still together thank you.) since i haven't been active in both the running and multisport scene, this was my first run, and like a newbie, i was a bit hesitant if i can muster enough strength to survive this race. most of the races i've joined were usually held at BGC-McKinley area, or Roxas Blvd., so when the opportunity (and free kit) for a MOA race  was presented, i did not hesitate to join. During the presscon for the said event, i got excited, primarily because of the new race route (kudos to the Runrio team for this one). Also,