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putting the fun in trail runs

are you one of those sick and tired of running road races and would want to try other terrains? you feel the need to go trail running, but see yourself as not as hardcore as those doing xterra races such as putik pare type of trail adventure runs? or are you one of those training to run the skyway pero para maiba ang view, gusto mo naman mapuno, ganon? you should then try this race  :) WHERE  TO REGISTER Online via Runner’s Runner, 3rd Floor, R.O.X., Bonifacio Hight Street, Bonifacio Global City CONTACT PERSONS PS: what's nice with this race pa is that, maganda na ang view, masarap din daw ang pagkain dun :)  sali na! :)  ayot? apir!

two thirty and some change

last sunday, dec.2 was somewhat my come back race. i've been running on and off since 2008 (literal my first run, but my first serious race with training and other preparations was in 2009) , and for some unforeseen circumstances, i have only raced twice in 2012. the first one was the Rexona Run 2012 (where i sucked big time; if i'm not mistaken, that was my slowest 21k EVER (almost finished it in 3 hours! grabe ah! sana nilakad ko na lang ung buong route). Sooo i said to myself, i got to get back in shape. I have to train seriously for me to be able to get my groove back, and at the same time, wag naman kulelat. it also would help me with my dreams of running condura full again if i start training earlier than usual. medyo mahirap nang mag habol ng last minute. ayaw ko naman ng ganon diba. ready for QC QCIM has always been a memorable race for me. I was suppose to run its maiden issue but i got sick. ;( the second one naman, was the first full mary of our beloved marg