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you ready for 6.11?

Women's Health- Athena Fun Run

saan ka namang nakakita ng karerang may ganito:    ang kikay diba? one night while i was in the MRT on my way home, i got a text from Summit Media inviting me to the Bloggers' Night for the Women's Health Athena All Women's Run scheduled on March 19, Saturday. weird noh? i was invited for a bloggers night, tapos pang ALL WOMEN pa yun run? so i texted back and said, diba pang girls yun? pwede ba ang boys dun? sabi nila pwede naman, so sige i confeermed my attendance. sakto lang din that was the day after BDM 160, so i can chitchat with other blogger-friends who might be there also. since this is an ALL WOMEN'S RUN, shempre the free race kit is not for me, but for my girlfriend. so there. to cut the long story short here are the details for the run. the race is on the 19th of March, Saturday sa MOA. (okay dyan, flat course, so if habol mo eh maka PR, sakto ka dito) mapa anong distance ka man sumali, more or less eh flat yan. (kaya nga maraming nag bibike dito s