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tri-kenkoy's wishlist

they once said that running was a 'cheap' sport. that i have to disagree. but now that i'm venturing into multi-sport, i do believe that this one is NOT a CHEAP sport. other than having to focus on three sports, you also have to focus on having the tools to help you get better in all three aspects. here are some items i want :) bike jersey  (i prefer something 'unique" so that it's easier to identify me from the group, be it in pictures or attendance check) cushioned bike saddle (for those long rides which at times make your family jewels feel numb ) cyclo computer (for those lonesome rides where you don't want to count the number of loops for the total distance travelled ) blue helmet  pedals  road/ tri bike shoes (for a more efficient pedaling) tri-specific/recommended running shoes lighter and has built-in 'drainage system' (for those "i'm-tinatamad-na-to-run-but-i-have-to" moments ) gwapo shades

Kenkoy Swimmer

during the Speedo NAGT distance simulation done with my teammates and friends last Saturday, i believe that i was able to accomplish one of my goals why i trained so hard for my upcoming triathlon. I am also now labeled as the Kenkoy Swimmer. prior to me getting seriously involved in multi-sport training with the team, i swam with them also during their simulation for Animo Sprint Triathlon. back then, i was not able to swim straight a 25m pool, much more, i didn't have the endurance to swim as fast as the others, to the point i was left behind by everyone then. left behind by the water mamaws of the team but this time, during my Speedo NAGT distance simulation last saturday, i do believe my group swims and secret trainings worked big time on helping me improve as a swimmer. a lot of my teammates who have not seen me swim since the animo tri simulation were impressed with my development. they've kept on mentioning that my form got way much better, and that i was able to b

now i know how it feels.

i haven't been able to blog as much as i used to. nope. it's not because i don't want to, it's more of, there's nothing much to write much about. no new "thoughts" have pushed me to excitement to write again. well, not until super recently. since the inception of project training wheels , i wanted to try if i can be confident enough to ride on the highways. initially, i just wanted to roam around UP's acad oval and velodrome, and the usual BHS run route, but if i would be joining a bike race, much more a triathlon event, i must be able to have enough confidence to ride alongside trucks, jeeps, and other road menaces in order to test my mettle. since the team had their long ride at daang hari & daang reyna a few weeks ago and a jala jala easy ride a weekend ago, i was so jealous because i was not able to join them due to work on saturdays :( so, when i found out that captain erick guieb planned another jala jala ride, i wanted to make sure