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putting the fun in trail runs

are you one of those sick and tired of running road races and would want to try other terrains? you feel the need to go trail running, but see yourself as not as hardcore as those doing xterra races such as putik pare type of trail adventure runs? or are you one of those training to run the skyway pero para maiba ang view, gusto mo naman mapuno, ganon? you should then try this race  :) WHERE  TO REGISTER Online via Runner’s Runner, 3rd Floor, R.O.X., Bonifacio Hight Street, Bonifacio Global City CONTACT PERSONS PS: what's nice with this race pa is that, maganda na ang view, masarap din daw ang pagkain dun :)  sali na! :)  ayot? apir!

two thirty and some change

last sunday, dec.2 was somewhat my come back race. i've been running on and off since 2008 (literal my first run, but my first serious race with training and other preparations was in 2009) , and for some unforeseen circumstances, i have only raced twice in 2012. the first one was the Rexona Run 2012 (where i sucked big time; if i'm not mistaken, that was my slowest 21k EVER (almost finished it in 3 hours! grabe ah! sana nilakad ko na lang ung buong route). Sooo i said to myself, i got to get back in shape. I have to train seriously for me to be able to get my groove back, and at the same time, wag naman kulelat. it also would help me with my dreams of running condura full again if i start training earlier than usual. medyo mahirap nang mag habol ng last minute. ayaw ko naman ng ganon diba. ready for QC QCIM has always been a memorable race for me. I was suppose to run its maiden issue but i got sick. ;( the second one naman, was the first full mary of our beloved marg

Hot and Cold

okay, enough of you singing. hahahaha! Training for Condura has given me options on when to do my runs. Given that this is a midnight run, it gives me the option to train super early morning, OR after work. Given that i am admittedly not a weekday morning runner, I feel that its more appropriate, in my case, to train at night because obviously the weather conditions at night are more or less similar to that as of race day. although there are times when its not that cold during midnights or early morning, the initial temperature usually helps in setting up the mood to run. last sunday, i was able to finally do my literal long run, this long run was also my first legit heat training run. since i was not able to wake up earlier than expected, i had to do my long run, super init.  my route was a modified QCIM half marathon route, plus a few rounds inside the village, and one round UP acad oval. seriously, di ko gets anong difference ni route Part 1 and Part 2.  grabe! i w


currently shifting to use the POSE method in my comeback full mary come Condura 2013. I was intrigued by it when our team underwent sessions with Coach Pat Joson of the Jumpstart Movement . Coach Pat also recently had students from the Mizuno Run Academy do the same thing. POSE. So what is POSE all about? to cut the long story short, it's simply changing from one "pose" to the other. simple noh? parang it's like this lang naman kasi: looks easy noh? but then again, if you're not initially a forefoot runner, it MIGHT take some getting used to with the first segment (POSE-FALL) phase. you might ask why. Well, primarily because this concept works with using gravity to your advantage. running "traditionally" is different from running pose method. scientifically, this reduces also the impact on one's knees.  sakto with my case now that i've gained a few pounds from not running as often as i used to, but slowly but surely getting there again.

pick my poison

k-swiss blade max stable, k-ona mizuno wave inspire 7, elixir 6 in preparation for my comeback race, i have decided to utilize my current shoe arsenal. it has been quite some time since i've been actively and consistently running. fortunately, i still have a few pair of shoes that will help me during my training runs. in my existing plans, i need to run 3x a week, tuesday easy runs, thursday tempo runs, and sunday long runs. given my current shoe line up, here are my usage breakdown. easy runs: easy runs usually give me time to recover after the long runs.  for these type of training runs, i can choose any of the shoes above. easy runs should help me get back into the groove of things. at times, i even use my vibram five fingers here to help stimulate other muscle tempo runs: shoes for these runs should ideally be light weight to give the leg muscle less stress during runs. but then again, i tend to use the concept of 'train heavy, race light' with regards to shoe

mental game

I have read an article in the past that the marathoners (or in my case, endurance athletes such as runners, triathletes, and the like) are the best employees. this i re-realized again yesterday during my training long run. like any other sport, training for running needs a lot of dedication. there is a target with each and every activity. things can't be labeled easily as something you can just "go with the flow." at some point,  it can get boring. like yesterday, i realized that doing 5 rounds at UP acad oval can be really boring (just like with work, hahahaha) things go on and on, and you'd feel like nothing new happens. NOT UNLESS you make things happen for yourself (like, change the route you're running at which i eventually did). instead of boring myself around the acad oval, i decided to run along University Avenue then run along Commonwealth Avenue, just to break the monotony of running round and round like a hamster. hamster mode   another les

is this the sign?

2013 CONDURA MARATHON MEDAL (image from Sir PatCon's Blog) i technically started my running 'career' with Condura 2009 Run for the Whale Sharks. While contemplating on when and where i would stage my comeback, i browsed upon Sir PatCon's FB post . for the first time in so long, i got excited to run again. i believe it's time to get back into running seriously. 16 weeks to go until FEBRUARY 3, 2013. image taken from Running Shield's blog.

now this is more FUN ;)

This revised video ad from the Department of Tourism shows why it's  more fun in the philippines. it's better if you experience it first hand, and i'm sure you'd agree that it is really more fun :) its more fun in the philippines

UPDATED: takbo alimango takbo!

with all of the running boom lately, it's rare to see a road race labeled "correctly". a lot of fellow runner-bloggers have been berating hosts/radio and tv personalities mentioning races as a marathon, but in actuality, it's just a FUN RUN. what's the difference? basically it's just about the distance of the race. haha big deal no? being a marathoner is really a big deal, but for me, it's not a something that one should make a big fuzz out of. anyway, i got a facebook invite to a crabby run, haha, crabby primarily because it is the Red Crab Alimango House Fun Run :) yup, fun run. and to make things more clear, it is a 5 kilometer fun run to be held at McKinley. For those veteran runners, we all know that McKinley is one hilly route. it's fun to do hill repeats here ;) sooo this fun run, it's really gonna be a FUN one :) hehehe. Registration fee : P650 (race bib, singlet, finisher’s medal and our sumptuous breakfast!!!)  Race Rout

inspired again.

from my old, "serious" scheme, i've revived and revised my blog's look and feel (well, not really naman sobrang overhaul, pero gets?) this time mas buhay sha than before. maybe a visual representation of me reviving this blog. from a black base, to a more lively blue shade. what inspired me to get use this color scheme. the 2013 Mizuno Wave Inspire 9. truly inspire-ing  i've always been an Inspire person, and this one really is inspire-ing ;)  I hope we get this model and colorway here in the Philippines. SOON. I actually like what's happening lately to mizuno's colors. for me, it's about time for the shoes to follow the trend of brightly colored shoes compared to other brands. mizuno has been well known as  durable shoes, but most of the colors brought here are a bit on the 'boring' side. with the influx of the other 2013 shoes having psychedelic colors, things are cooking up with Mizuno for 2013.


it has been literally almost a year since the last time i had a road race. the last time was 2011's king of the road. why did i all of a sudden take a hiatus from joining races, and/or running? well, it's more of like taking a break from a bad 'break up'. this bad break up was not with running per se, but more on some of the things i held close to my heart (and no, i did not break up with my girlfriend hahaha! we're very much still together thank you.) since i haven't been active in both the running and multisport scene, this was my first run, and like a newbie, i was a bit hesitant if i can muster enough strength to survive this race. most of the races i've joined were usually held at BGC-McKinley area, or Roxas Blvd., so when the opportunity (and free kit) for a MOA race  was presented, i did not hesitate to join. During the presscon for the said event, i got excited, primarily because of the new race route (kudos to the Runrio team for this one). Also,

Men's Health Urbanathlon 2012

every year, the men's health urbanathlon has always been one of the unique races of the year. compared to the usual road races happening every weekend, the Men's Health Urbanathlon offers a whole new approach to road racing. just like previous races, MH Urbanathlon still has its 5, 10 and 21K routes with their signature obstacles, but this year, they've modified some of the obstacles used in previous editions of the said race.

REXONA RUN 2012 SEPT 23, 2012

i've been out of the road racing scene for the longest time since i started running in 2008, primarily because, the races has been held in almost the same venue for more than 2 years already. one of the venues that i haven't had a race held in would be the MOA area. so when i was given the opportunity to join this run, i decided that this could be my come back race. the past few weeks had been hard on my training schedule, primarily because of the bad weather. well well well, i guess the running gods heard me (na hindi pa ako 100% ready) for those who haven't heard or seen the tweets since last night, please see press release below regarding Rexona Run 2012: Rexona Run 2012 Postponed In its commitment to give the best running experience to its runners, the Rexona Run 2012 slated this Sunday, August 12, 2012 at the Mall of Asia grounds has been postponed. Due to the extreme weather that is hitting Metro Manila and other parts of the country, Rexona, t

cebu cebu

on my birthday, a  lot of friends and teammates will be celebrating their ironman 70.3 debut, for some, it would be their redemption day. to inspire them on their journey, a few teammates made something for teammates to further boost their morale and keep them more excited for this sunday's race. you can read the compilation here:

what's new with runner's world philippines

as this weekend is literally within the grasp of each and every excited runner-triathletes, I am just in awe with how fast Coach Ani de Leon-Brown got her tri mojos back in such a short period. last year, she got married, and became a mom, and in no time, got to the tri scene back just like that! how did she do it? up until now, people still consider running as one of the fastest and sure-fire way of losing weight. but running also should be accompanied by healthy eating/ diet. In my case, i've always been stuck at a certain weight, and  i believe that this reading the latest issue of Runner's World Philippines will be of help on how to approach this concern. for other details and interesting topics, get your copy of the latest Runner's World Philippines. for more details on the other articles, kindly read the press release from Summit Media, the number one magazine publishing company in the Philippines. Runner’s World  Philippines  celebrates its first