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pick my poison

k-swiss blade max stable, k-ona mizuno wave inspire 7, elixir 6 in preparation for my comeback race, i have decided to utilize my current shoe arsenal. it has been quite some time since i've been actively and consistently running. fortunately, i still have a few pair of shoes that will help me during my training runs. in my existing plans, i need to run 3x a week, tuesday easy runs, thursday tempo runs, and sunday long runs. given my current shoe line up, here are my usage breakdown. easy runs: easy runs usually give me time to recover after the long runs.  for these type of training runs, i can choose any of the shoes above. easy runs should help me get back into the groove of things. at times, i even use my vibram five fingers here to help stimulate other muscle tempo runs: shoes for these runs should ideally be light weight to give the leg muscle less stress during runs. but then again, i tend to use the concept of 'train heavy, race light' with regards to shoe

mental game

I have read an article in the past that the marathoners (or in my case, endurance athletes such as runners, triathletes, and the like) are the best employees. this i re-realized again yesterday during my training long run. like any other sport, training for running needs a lot of dedication. there is a target with each and every activity. things can't be labeled easily as something you can just "go with the flow." at some point,  it can get boring. like yesterday, i realized that doing 5 rounds at UP acad oval can be really boring (just like with work, hahahaha) things go on and on, and you'd feel like nothing new happens. NOT UNLESS you make things happen for yourself (like, change the route you're running at which i eventually did). instead of boring myself around the acad oval, i decided to run along University Avenue then run along Commonwealth Avenue, just to break the monotony of running round and round like a hamster. hamster mode   another les

is this the sign?

2013 CONDURA MARATHON MEDAL (image from Sir PatCon's Blog) i technically started my running 'career' with Condura 2009 Run for the Whale Sharks. While contemplating on when and where i would stage my comeback, i browsed upon Sir PatCon's FB post . for the first time in so long, i got excited to run again. i believe it's time to get back into running seriously. 16 weeks to go until FEBRUARY 3, 2013. image taken from Running Shield's blog.

now this is more FUN ;)

This revised video ad from the Department of Tourism shows why it's  more fun in the philippines. it's better if you experience it first hand, and i'm sure you'd agree that it is really more fun :) its more fun in the philippines