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or photoKENKOY or KENKOY photos? basta, here are some of the pics I took during the Ateneo Aquathlon held recently. the images are from Tiff Batilo's camera, pero  took the shots (as she was also a participant). some samples pics :)  other pics can be seen here thanks! :)

want to know what's behind the WAVE?

  there are a lot in store from Mizuno this summer.  1. Other than the upcoming Infinity Run on April 11, there will be a trail run  co-sponsored by Tagaytay Highlands by April 25.  2. an exciting race in an exciting race venue! Sick and tired of having your usual races in the most common race venues? wait for another exciting race from Mizuno that features one of members' playground . Yes, there is a race outside BHS, The Fort/ McKinley, UP and MOA, Roxas Blvd. Another exciting race from Mizuno will be held in ORTIGAS! yup, you've read that right. another race venue which no race organizer has touched (recently hehe). As early as now, start your training in the dreaded St Martin and St.Paul hills, as these are where speed mamaws are made! :)  oh, and these are just the beginning. 3.oh yeah, did i mention that Mizuno Trail Shoes are coming to the Philippines? :)  (well i guess this means they've read my Mizuno blog . hahaha) (thank you jai and the gals of

Globe-Ayalaland Run for Home 2010 Part 1- "Team" Runner's World Philippines

This year's edition of Globe- Ayala Land Run for Home added a new twist to running. It was a race where you are literally being toured around the Ayala properties within the Central Business District called Makati City, and also to it nearby running hotspot commonly known to runners as BHS or Bonifacio High Street. The race route was actually unique in the sense that it started and ended at the Ayala Triangle, one of the common running routes for Makati runners. It was also the first time I "gathered" people to form my own "team" so to speak.  It wasn't really a team where they were running FOR me, but more on using running as a way to promote the magazine AND provide awareness of the upcoming  Runner's World Philippines by April. Gathering people was not that easy since it was almost 2 weeks na lang before the actual race date when i received a call telling me that i would have to come up with at a total of 15 runners (10 people to run 10K, and anot

while the cat was away....

last weekend was a super hectic weekend for me. initially i thought that i would get bored since my girfriend suddenly decided to join her officemate and her friends on their trip to Cagayan de Oro/ Camiguin. so, while she and her new friends were doing this. i had my own lakad with my takbo peeps :) EVENT 1: Silverprex Initial Grouping i don't really know how to play bowling for real. my first experience of playing bowling was with Wii, but since i'm sure it's going to be different, i had to ask the masters on the difference of playing virtual bowling vs. real bowling. first stop was to ask the master, former ateneo bowling varsity, Albert Francis "BongZ" Zandueta . this pose is the finish product na. first step he taught was to know yung parang "bwelo" phase that we usually see from the bowlers on tv. he mentioned that parang 4 steps yun before the ball is released. so step one technically is to step your right foot forward (or left if

why do i hate mizuno

Mizuno sucks. BIG TIME. yup. you read that right. why? point #1: they are not a mainstream brand. mainstream in a sense that they don't even ha ve well-known product endorsers unlike other sports brands around the world. i mean, how can they expect their products to sell like pancakes if the y're like that diba? point #2: they do not promote much of themselves. not much print ads if you'd ask me. i work in a magazine publishing company and i don't see mu ch of their products splashed all over our magazines. i don't see them havi ng television ads too. not even in the newspapers does mizuno have anything that will lead people to buy their products. point #3: the products are not that "fashionable." as compared to other "mainstream" brands, you won't see you r regular juans and marias weari ng mizunos together with their jeans to the office. you don't see them usually wearing mizuno s when they go around the malls, walking, shopping, chilli