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let's celebrate running

running has been my way to destress. while other people vent their stress out via drinking, smoking or doing some other things that will be damaging to their bodies in the long run, i do physical activities, such as running. the times have changed nowadays. i've seen a lot of newbie runners who are overeager to level up with their run distances without proper training or mileage, most of them become injured in the long run. and as a result, think that running is not for them. i don't mind people being Type A with their personal bests, but then again, they should be blaming their activities eh at the end of the day, it's still their decision to do that diba? anyway, why run? for me running is a celebration. it's a celebration that after having ACL reconstructive surgery way back 2004, i am now able to do fun runs, marathons and multisport events (aquathlon and triathlon pa lang naman so far) kasi diba before they put a big deal with ACL patients na parang exag ung

Ateneo Aquathlon through the years

so far, i've had 3 ateneo aquathlons in my entire life (so far, but i intend to do more ha!) and luckily, i have been photographed in all three events. let's see how i looked like through the years. 2011.                                                          2013.                                                          2014. what's the verdict? i guess i have to order the team's newest uniform huh? :) bagay naman the new uniform diba? :)