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Hot and Cold

okay, enough of you singing. hahahaha! Training for Condura has given me options on when to do my runs. Given that this is a midnight run, it gives me the option to train super early morning, OR after work. Given that i am admittedly not a weekday morning runner, I feel that its more appropriate, in my case, to train at night because obviously the weather conditions at night are more or less similar to that as of race day. although there are times when its not that cold during midnights or early morning, the initial temperature usually helps in setting up the mood to run. last sunday, i was able to finally do my literal long run, this long run was also my first legit heat training run. since i was not able to wake up earlier than expected, i had to do my long run, super init.  my route was a modified QCIM half marathon route, plus a few rounds inside the village, and one round UP acad oval. seriously, di ko gets anong difference ni route Part 1 and Part 2.  grabe! i w


currently shifting to use the POSE method in my comeback full mary come Condura 2013. I was intrigued by it when our team underwent sessions with Coach Pat Joson of the Jumpstart Movement . Coach Pat also recently had students from the Mizuno Run Academy do the same thing. POSE. So what is POSE all about? to cut the long story short, it's simply changing from one "pose" to the other. simple noh? parang it's like this lang naman kasi: looks easy noh? but then again, if you're not initially a forefoot runner, it MIGHT take some getting used to with the first segment (POSE-FALL) phase. you might ask why. Well, primarily because this concept works with using gravity to your advantage. running "traditionally" is different from running pose method. scientifically, this reduces also the impact on one's knees.  sakto with my case now that i've gained a few pounds from not running as often as i used to, but slowly but surely getting there again.