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may nag rerepeat ba sa mizuno run clinic?

yes, i have to admit. i have, and i am a repeater. yesterday was our "graduation day" from the Mizuno Run Club Clinic. and it was my second time to "graduate" again. for some, they can call it being a "repeater" because i also joined the sessions last time around. even at the start of the run clinic, i was already stating that it's my second time, as most of the people i was with were first timers in the run clinic, so with regards to knowing and doing the drills, i must say that i've mastered them already. last night's graduation was unique because we had were grouped into 4 (shempre choose your own groupmates) for a relay. after the PIM Team Logan relay, Mizuno Relay naman. the mechanics were given last week, 4 members, 1 round each, pabilisan. so sige, choose lang. after much deliberations, here are my groupmates for #1: bryan " planet trumania " rivera - bad boy ng BLC season 1; desperate times call for desperate measures

wish list # 1

dear (santa in) mizuno, i NEED a new pair of mizuno wave inspire to replace my old and tattered inspire 4. the shoe has underwent a lot already, both in training runs and actual road races. most of my PRs have been done with my inspire 4. it already has almost 700+ kms under its belt, and i believe its time for an upgrade. i wish that you can send here the latest wave inspire (inspire 6) but if not, i would be happy to settle for the wave inspire 5 (just so i can have an upgrade just in time for the mizuno time trials and my condura full mary next year). thank you and wishing and looking forward to a new pair for christmas. -timmy :) PS: i've been a very good Mizuno Run Clinic student :) i missed only 1 session due to work (i knew it, work disturbs one's running goals, hahahaha) (not like, ms. dasher :) wahahahaha) i hope to hear from you soon or better yet, get a new pair soon? something to match my mizuno running club shirt? :)

keeping my head in the game

its been quite a while already since i laced up my first serious running shoes, and since then, a lot has changed. throughout the runs, be it as short and sweet as a few rounds around UP acad oval, or be it as challenging as mckinley hills, or be it in the cold and very steep road adventures in baguio, i've been changed. i've been changed in the sense that, i was able to gain a lot more confidence in myself (yeah i know, i can get too confident at times, as what happened in my Globe Run ) , or even underestimating myself (both in running as i had a PR during Milo eliminations , and at the same time having enough energy in me to pace my good friend Rod in his first attempt at a full mary). a lot has changed since the first time i ran during the Condura LSD held at the Fort last March 8, up until the Timex Run held last November 15. I was able to slowly progress from the first attempt at running a full 10K during this year's Condura Run, then progressing to a 14K LSD aroun

family love has been a consistent sight in every race, and with the numerous races recently, the members joining the group pic keeps on multiplying :) is not only a group of runners who hang out either at the SB (shoutbox) or in some resto or fastfood that can accomodate the rowdy bunch of happy go lucky runners (who when dressed up, you wouldn't even notice that they are runners!) hahaha peace guys! is not only a running community, it is also a family. families help each other out in achieving one's goals and each member tries to help out in their own small way. at the Pasig Marathon held yesterday, Nov. 8, again showed what family is about. i guess it was not solely about finishing within the cut-off, but more importantly, the goal was to finish Justin's first full marathon ;) when the idea first came up in the forums, i immediately thought of joining. this could be my opportunity to be part of "team Logan." at first i thought, i