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pangarap ka na lang ba or magiging katotohanan pa

i'm a huge fan of simplicity, with a tinge of surprise. normally i would be attracted to dominantly blue bikes, but this one, gives the necessary oomph that i usually look for. (this criteria applies to all ha). simple yet has that accent that will make you take another look at it. i am the type of person who prefers something (or someone) you'd get bored easily after staring at it for a long period. yung hindi nakakaumay pag tumagal. (same with girls, i don't like girls who are "WOAH" at first look, but eventually i'd realize that after staring at them for a long time, i'd get sawa all of a sudden.  from a far you'd think that this bike is just your typical black with accent bike. i'm not the one who'd like a super expensive bike (well, this one is kinda expensive as well, pero hindi naman super expensive hahaha!), but this one, would be worth it.  simple pero rock. cervelo's 2014 S2.

shoe wish list

I hope these models arrive here sooner than later. Saucony Type A6 Mizuno Wave Evo Cursoris

what have i been doing these past few months

it has been a while since i last posted here. there have been a lot of things going on with my life, add to that the fact that, i'm not even sure if there are still people reading running blogs that have personal insights. (as i've been telling my friends who i've been running with since 2009 [yes, it has been ages since i started into this addiction called running], most of the so-called running blogs nowadays are just people re-posting press releases, as compared to the time when i started blogging). so, what have i been doing lately? earlier this year, i had my 3rd Condura FM. my mizuno elixir's first full mary towards the last stretch image from Mikey Macainag (if i'm not mistaken hehe) Also, I was able to do my 2nd Ateneo Aquathlon. sa mapula or sa maputi? "face off" for fun bet during our teammate's farewell breakfast ateneo aquathlon my 1st multisport for the year based on the facial reaction, i believe you'd g

Saan na nga ba ang Barkada?

Last weekend's runfest was a celebration of running, and for us "pioneers" of, specially these types of running/gatherings are one of the most memorable events in our now-more-than-ever toxic days. nakakamiss din to have these people with me, although most are still visible, be it during ultramarathons, triathlons, duathlons, aquathlons, whenever we get together, it's like we were still the newbies we were a few years back. has been my first running family, and a lot of teams i know, all came from as well, as the group eventually grew big.  Happy 5th Anniversary!  More power!