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what comes after FOUR-play?

guess who's got a new inspiration. Inspire Six. Finally it's here. Kenkoy Review  to come soon :) 

i hate traffic

after condura, the next big race lined up was the century tuna superbods run which, is also the first leg of the most-awaited run rio trilogy. given that this race had been promoted endlessly by no other than derek ramsey and coach rio, this race was definitely doomed to be jampacked. not only that this was rio's race, but also the throngs of female runners, both newbies and non-newbies, were all ogling to see a topless derek running. (too bad, these girls weren't able to to see derek topless). this race had been such a hit to those who weren't even running or even racing regularly, the demand for registration forms, singlets and even bibs were already scarce. (i didn't even have a singlet for myself!) and given this scenario, i knew it would be chaotic, so i decided to go to the venue earlier than usual. but wait. let me backtrack on why i decided to run this race. since this was a timex-sponsored event, my gf decided to get her running shoes out of the closet and

running is good for the heart

so, you're a runner. you've heard and might have read the benefits of running,  and what running (or exercise in general) does to you and your body. other than the stated obvious reasons why running is good for the heart,  here are some more reasons on why running is really good for the heart. let's just have the pictures speak for themselves...     (akala ni fifi sha lang ah :) hahaha)                             running is really good for the heart, as can be seen through these images (but running also is not that friendly to your pockets, hahahahaha) for other run-related love entries check on the following blogs too: -   kikayrunner - ronald a.k.a. halimaw so ano, tara, takbo na! ayot? apir!     eto talaga ang dahilan sa break up ni...

post condura run

here are additional pictures from condura :)      picture with rodrunner :) picture with patcon picture with "coach" pojie picture with pao (bastarunnersweetlover) picture with my girlfriend :) after the condura run, i made sure i rested enough before i had my "recovery" run. tonight, i decided that it's about time to run again. i was doing fine for almost 3Ks and i was a bit happy coz there's no pain at all, etc,  no soreness and to think i was using my old wave inspire 4. then suddenly this is what happened. and this wait for it...... was the aftermath. (i am warning you, if you don't want to look, you can go ahead and leave a comment  haha)   ganda noh, both knees :) more damage on my right knee :) hassle noh? ang sabi pa ng dad ko after malaman na nadapa ako: Dad: anong nangyari sayo? KR: nadapa ako. hindi ko nakita na may humps sa daan Dad: nakatapos ka ng 42K pero sa kanto nadapa ka? i know right? hahaha

my views on condura

virgin no more

people say that it's painful when you do it for the first time. a lot of my friends have done it way ahead before me.  people have been telling since mid-2009 that i should already try to do it.  i've always thought of doing this when i feel I'm ready for it, to commit to it.  I didn't want to do something I would eventually regret. doing this entails responsibility, and commitment, and would be really time-consuming.   let's begin with the end when i started seriously running at last year's Condura Run, I never imagined thinking of ever running a full marathon in the near future. after that condura run, i started training for 10K races, then slowly leveling up to having LSDs and 15K and 10milers, and eventually had my first half marathon at Botak Paatibayan in May 2009. during that race, i witnessed how a not so "well-organized" full marathon that packed up everything way before the "cut-off" when the race didn't even have a cut-o