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second wind as a drop off point for relief goods

got an email from Hector Yuzon (second wind) just helping out spreading the word to our devasted brothers and sisters please see email below. Greetings friends in the running community. In light of the typhoon that has left most of us emotionally drained, we would like to encourage the running / multi-sport community to pitch in and help out. Kindly help us spread the word that we are extending help to our friends who were affected by the typhoon ondoy. Lets maximize however we can help, announcements in your blog, multiply, tweeter, or your status in facebook will be greatly appreciated. Secondwind will be accepting donations: - blankets - singlets, jerseys or shirts - old footwear - food - other items that can still be used we will be accepting until Thursday (end of day) and will donate to ateneo thru Neville Manaois, PUR team principal, secondwind teammate and ateneo professor. Volunteers to pack and help

going below 200

I've never been someone who's really that big. but at one point in my still young life, i tipped the scales at almost 200 lbs! during that time, i thought i was fine. no heart problems (literal and figurative), no cholesterol, blood sugar etc. i've always thought of it as being normal, and besides, i was a student athlete when i was in college, I even got my ACL and M CL torn ( warnin g, not a pleasant view ) on my senior year in the squad. even after college i tried to be active into sports (even though i was not YET allowed to play badminton by my therapists then). it never crossed my mind that i am THAT big (picture at your left for reference). all these time i felt it was "normal" and that it was a sign of health. also, i thought that a pet name was not that seriously aimed at making me realize that i am really 'tabachoy choy". well, so i thought. at one point, my elder sister was always making side comments whenever we gather for meals that i a

registration closed?

naubusan ng slot sa NB Power Run scheduled for next weekend? don't fret, hindi kayo nag iisa. See how the Gingerbreadman (and his friend) reacted to these situations above ;)

all out

ang galing lang talaga with running, you get to realize a lot of things, be it DURING a run, or even after. Mizuno Run Club poster. for last batch's "graduation" pics, click here . last night, while i was participating in the Mizuno Run Club/Clinic , guess what! i realized something again! well, not naman as if i don't know it, pero mas concrete experience lang this evening with regards to giving it your best, all out kumbaga. the session (Sept.17) was all about speed. for the second session, the drills we did were all targeted to ideally help us use more of our core muscles, and shempre the leg muscles (like the quads, hams, etc) to help us speed up. (or para maging batak parang ito) for those who haven't seen us doing our drills, one might say that we look stupid, or even childish. we were a bunch of adults who were in a "park" playing. timmy, julie, marvs, bry, et al playing around during mizuno run clinic when they should be doing the DRILLS! th


i've had my last race at the Urbanite race, and since then, work has been piling up also. and to add insult to injury, the weather these past few weeks hasn't been that pleasant. the last physical activity that i did close to running was at the MITMC Maragondon adventure which tested our capabilities in orienteering (which was difficult for most of us as we had no background on map reading during adventure races, river crossing as most of us still wore our road running shoes, and compass usage). for more details on that adventure, click here . as i was browsing the picture from that event, i saw and realized that i've been gaining weight as was evident with my tummy becoming bigger, and it was obvious! SO, I said to myself, i need to seriously run and start training again. the road to recovery (of lost speed and endurance) started with the third installment of the Mizuno Run Clinic (every Thursday, 7PM Mizuno BHS). this came just in time as i was in need of something to p

walking in Quezon City (International Marathon)

i was invited to attend the QCIM bloggers launch last Monday , Sept.8 which was held at Kabisera in Bonifacio High Street. Despite the strong rains that day, there were a lot of runner-bloggers who attended. class picture-taking with matching uniform as it was my first time to attend such events, i asked fellow member and one of the recent milo marathon podium finishers, Running Diva what is expected from me (us, the attendees) in such events. she said, JUST LISTEN, and listen i did. it was like being back in college where there's someone presenting, you're suppose to listen and ideally take notes of important facts and information mentioned by the speakers (well, in this case, WHY QC, Rules & Regulations, Routes, Prizes , and Fees). one good thing though as compared to school, this does not require a test to check what you've remembered BASED on what the lecturer wants to hear from you. in the presentation for the QCIM, what stuck to my mind were 1. the race