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road bike parts :)

for those VISUAL persons who want to know more about road bike parts, this image can be helpful :)

Make It Happen.

  Mufasa's Ghost: You have forgotten who you are, and so forgotten me. Look inside yourself Simba, you are more than what you have become. You must take your place in the Circle of Life. Simba: How can I go back? I'm not who I used to be. Mufasa's Ghost: Remember who you are. You are my son, and the one true King. sabi yan ni Lion King :) 


this was one of the last projects i handled before i left Mizuno. Why did I want to partner with this event? I did that because this is one of the racing events I would want to join. The route is different from the usual Fort-McKinley-Bayani Road- Kalayaan Flyover-Buendia-Roxas Blvd route that ever runner goes to every weekend (not unless you're into ultramarathons or multisport). I recommend you guys join this one. its a fun race running through Commonwealth Avenue. Get to experience the Motorcycle lanes first hand too! :)

which side are you from

face off

      SAUCONY PROGRID GUIDE 5         VS        MIZUNO WAVE INSPIRE 8 I have been a Mizuno user for almost 3 years already, and one of my favorite running shoes is their Wave Inspire line. It combines both enough support for my mild overpronation without compromising cushioning (as compared to other brands) AND being lightweight also. Now, I am open to search for other brands that can provide the same answers to my needs (perfect combination of right support and cushioning and lightweightedness). I've searched the 'net and found out that Saucony seems to be the perfect match, almost identical to what Mizuno is. SAUCONY PROGRID GUIDE 5 MIZUNO WAVE INSPIRE 8 Weight 10.0 oz 10.8 oz Heel 28 mm 28 mm Forefoot 20 mm 16 mm Support Moderate Moderate Even with it's raceday shoes, the basic specs are almost identical (only minor differences with weight and heel-to-toe drop

i wanna get STRONG

i want to try minimalist shoes, not the "glove-like" shoes, but more on those shoes with minimal heel-to-toe decline in height. i do believe that ideally, soles with minimal height would give the shoes a more responsive feel as compared to "thicker" soles. i want to try this one now :) most specially the Progrid Mirage as it still provides the protection of shoes, but at the same time gives you enough height to trigger your leg muscles to work overtime :D hehehe just wanna try this out :D shempre i want to slowly ease my feet into these type of footwear, since ayaw ko naman mag paa diba hehehe :)

Kings (and Queens) of the Road

Just like the good old days. it has been ages since the last time I was part of the group pic. I am proud to say that I was part of the biggest group pics in every road races since 2009. but after a while, since the group grew too big, came subgroups (or teams for that matter). it was a nice day to see old timers and new faces together as one, wearing the orginal black and red, white orange batch 2, blue & black runfest singlet, and the revised black red and white takbo runfest 3 singlets. it was nice seeing groups from north  and the south partial unofficial tally of members who were able to join the biggest group pic ever. for more pics: click  here .and  here  and here . thanks to KB Runner for most of the pics, and Q Gavan (Chicks ni Manok) and LA of ANR for the pics.

facing the WALL

when we were all smaller (and younger), one of the most dreaded words we don't want to hear were "____(insert name here), face the WALL". upon hearing this sentence, we tend usually feel scared, primarily because we know that we did something wrong, and that this was a punishment. The WALL meant no talking to other people. It actually gave us the time to think and re-evaluate what we did, and why we did it. The WALL in this sense, made a negative connotation for us. WALL= SUFFERING. face the wall. literal. When we grew up and eventually became runners (marathoners), the term WALL again resurfaced. This time, the WALL became a hurdle that eventually we will overcome (with much training of course). Unlike the childhood wall, we did not do anything bad to deserve meeting with the wall again. This time, we decided to face the wall head on (but not without enough preparation). This wall we can overcome with proper training and nutrition plan. WALL= not physical suff

Inspire-d to Run

i have always been a fan of the Mizuno Wave Inspire series (ever since i shifted from Adidas Supernova Sequence 1) and I do believe that this shoe model is already the best training (or long distance) shoe for me. Me and my Inspire 4 have been to many places, and it has given me the a lot of good memories :) One of the first LSDs I've had with my Inspire 4. This was when  running more than 10K was"long" already. more pix here My favorite running pic ever. Taken by Doc Eric, my first ever pacer for my first 21K (Botak  May 10, 2009) My Inspire 4 has also gave me my best PRs so far (not that I've been running as much as I used to). So far, my Inspire 4 has had the most mileage of all my shoe collections (with numerous half marathons under its sole?). Just like anything you'd love, you would use it until the very last. For some, even to the point that there is not much cushioning, they would still use their beloved running shoes for running. It c

top 5

isang araw, wala akong magawa sa bahay, napadampot ako ng Men's Health October 2011 issue. sa pag buklat ko nun, nabasa ko ang isang article dun tungkol sa character traits etc. minsan ko na rin naisipang mag hanap ng tipong pop psych test/quiz or something to that effect about that, it's not that hindi ko kilala kung anong strengths ko in terms of character strengths or what, but more on, i want them to be "validated".  i've been a reader of Men's Health naman for quite some time already, and i don't think they will even publish something that is a 'phony' so i tried taking the test here sa and here were my top 5 character strengths: 1) Bravery and valor You are a courageous person who does not shrink from threat, challenge, difficulty, or pain. You speak up for what is right even if there is opposition. You act on your convictions. I do believe this has been one of my main characteristics. Bravery in the face of challe

walks of life

one day i wanna be a ROCKSTAR!

from being a single sport enthusiast (swimmer, biker or runner), usually newbies want to be called a multisport athlete (duathlete, aquathlete or triathlete). from being a newbie triathlete, to be an IRONMAN, most of us would also want to become a ROCKSTAR! most of my teammates who became IRONMEN this year, loaded up on their tri mileage by joining WRT :)  It was also here that the rivalry between Endure Masters and SH-Endures started. H-Endure Masters Relay Team SH-Endures Relay Team For more details, please see below :) ARE YOU READY TO ROCK? The White Rock Triathlon 2011, will welcome 161 Triathletes to join the longest running and most popular triathlon event in Philippines on Saturday 1 st October 2011 in Whiterock Beach Resort & Water Park in Subic Zambales. Organized by Extribe Inc. since 2004, this is the 8 th annual White Rock Triathlon.  The course is known for being challenging and features a 2 km open sea ocean sw

sneaky newbie VS 'training' try-wannabe

its been a while since i last tri-ed. in fact, it has been almost 1 year (oct NAGT dapat ang comeback tri, but mukhang mauubusan akong slot, so baka sa UPLB dec tri na lang?) next weekend is my comeback tri. compared to the first time, i hope i can say that i have improved on my swim and bike, but not with the run. it has always been a tough balancing act to do all 3 events while maintaining decent times for each leg too. being a newbie last year, there was not much pressure because there was no basis for comparison yet. there was no record of prior performance. unlike last year also, there were side bets between first time triathlon enthusiasts (me and neil) and an ironman veteran (commish), but this year, it is more personal. they say that triathlon is a one-man event. you do everything on your own. if you lose, you lose by yourself, but when you win (in what ever way you can think of) you celebrate with your friends and teammates. this one would be against myself. my p


i've been running on and off for more than 2 years already.  yesterday pala was my 2nd runniversary. kaya pala ako kating kati tumakbo. there was something inside wanting to run again, for the sheer joy of running ;) medyo alanganin pero totoo hehehe gusto ko lang tumakbo kahapon (other than the fact na i wanted to try out the new mizuno wave prophecy). pero since my training sched yesterday was to bike, i went biking/spinning pa rin. i just used my wave prophecy to work today. initial reviews from other bloggers are consistent with what i felt. it was bouncy. not a nice way to describe it primarily because it reminds me of my old adidas megabounce+ meet mr. prophecy. upon initial feel of the shoes, it had the same feel with the megabounce+. mataas ung heel elevation nya. somewhat it had a pseudo-forefoot running feel primarily because of the elevation nga sa heel. the ride naman is smooth also. the 4 "holes" of the full length infinity wave plate has the sam