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when doing less means achieving more.

who ever said multitaskers are the best? this study proves otherwise. a friend posted this link (in Facebook) from Standford indicating that being a MEDIA multi-tasker may not be the way to go. (HA! FINALLY!) this applies to the current work setting where we are bombarded by different media (ipod, computer,cell phones, facebook, etc.) a lot of times i've been told to multi-task, and that for some companies, they prefer people who multi-task. at one point (or should i say, most of the time,nah, ALMOST ALWAYS) i've thought to myself that doing A LOT of things AT THE SAME TIME would not be really beneficial as one would tend to focus, or should i say, not focus at the task at hand. in my own opinion, doing a lot of things at the same time would force one to start something, and might not be able to finish one task AS multitasking tends to have someone to start several things at the same time. i'm not saying that being multitasker is a bad thing, i'm just saying that do

are you ready?

2nd MIT – Mountaineering Club Orienteering Competition August 30, 2009 – Maragondon, Cavite Registration Fee includes: 01. Race Kit (map, race number, passport, control description) 02. 2 Cans Pocari Sweat 03. Souvenir Shirt 04. Lunch (I wonder what…) Prizes: Champion = 3k + trophy + sponsor items 1st Runner-up = 2k + trophy + sponsor items 2nd Runner-up = 1k + trophy + sponsor items Fastest Couple = 1k + certificate + sponsor items Fastest Barkada of 3 = 1k + certificate + sponsor items Fastest Barkada of 4 = 1k + certificate + sponsor items Mandatory Equipments: Baseplate Compass (at least 1) Hydration (at least 2L) note: no water station Pencil Whistle 1st Aid Kit Trail Food Cellphone Recommended Equipments: Insect Repellant Arm and Leg Warmer (pwede kayang mag sun block?) Poncho / Rain Gear (rain forest ba yun?) Headlamp (bawal gamitin ito, ibig sabihin GINABI NA!) NOTE: GPS not allowed. (Ground for disqualification) Race Schedule: 6:30-7:30 – Registration 7:30-8:00 – Fina

akalain mo yun....

a fellow runner from celebrates his 1 year runn-iversary today, Aug.17,2009. when i opened his blog, i saw that his first run was with Men's Health Miracle Run last year. tapos napaisip ako. teka, hindi ba ang unang beses kong tumakbo eh nung unang Miracle Run din? kung tutuusin, nung umpisa pa lang akong tumakbo eh, feeling talaga ako, hindi ako nag practice, feeling ko ang lakas ko kasi nag babadminton ako, pero sa totoo lang eh mahirap pala yun! hindi naman ako gumamit ng hindi running shoes talaga. in fairness eh ginamit ko ay tunay na running shoes, tipong lumang luma na sha, na out of retirement na eh binuhay lang ulit. eto sha oh :) naka lagay sa time ko sa 10k was, 1:19 daw, wahahaha pero sa totoo 5K lang un (talk about super bagal and super taba diba?) hahaha hassle diba? after nung miracle run eh di na muna ako tumakbo. so kumbaga sa relationship, eh cool off muna kami. and this cool off would last sobrang tagal, tipong the next race i was aiming was, the next

adiZero Gram Challenge

ever since I've been seriously into sports, i realized that i've wanted adidas. i'd prefer adidas over nike, for the simple reason that, i'd go for the "underdog" my first serious running shoes were adidas, even when i was not that knowledgeable with running shoes, i'd still prefer adidas than nike. until recently, i've tried other brands, primarily because of the big weight difference. i think this will be where i'd use my discount stub :) now my question is, what model is for light stability? :D my adidas supernova sequence :) my christmas gift for myself :) nice shoes huh :)

with a smile

this entry is not running related. (pero you can still read on :) ) It’s been a week since August started, and yet, I haven’t been able to really blog about what has happened during the past week. It has been only yesterday (August 8, 2009) that I was able to go home early (meaning, I was home before midnight, or the next day haha). So what happened during the first week of August? For one, we went to Tagaytay last Saturday (August 1), hang out lang, tambay, chillax. This idea actually started the Saturday prior to August 1, when we were hanging out at Trinoma and all the coffee shops were closing out on us (eh we didn’t want to go home pa then. Actually at that point, I was really thinking, “is she liking me back na?” whenever I ask her to go out with me, she almost always agrees/ goes naman din. BUT I didn’t bring much thought to that idea, basta go with the flow lang muna). SO there, finally our plans pushed through and we were able to go na nga to Tagaytay that Saturday. The weird

birthday run & run for cory

twenty six years ago her husband was gunned down on the way back to "free" the country, and now, the country is mourning the death of the first ever Lady President of the Philippines. on the day i celebrate my 26th birthday, i am conducting my birthday run, and at the same time, dedicating it also to cory :) as a member of iamninoyrunners, i'd repost na lang din the request for a Run for Cory tomorrow as seen in The Bull Runner's blog: while they may be running sa AAV, i will be doing my birthday run sa UP Acad Oval, wearning my iamninoy shirt na rin :) two birds in one :) happy birthday timmy! farewell tita cory :(