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makulay ang buhay...

since i've started getting hooked on this biking thing, i also started to check out the "world cup" of biking, the Tour de France. last year's version was colorful in the sense that one team, Astana,  had 2 powerhouse riders in its fold, namely lance armstrong and alberto contador, fighting for the top spot. lance: berto, mahuli, may t@e sa pwet! contador: ahh, ganon ha. since their rift grew stronger, lance then decided to bolt out of Astana, and eventually formed his own team, Radioshack. their break-up lead to this team's formation.   anyway, lets go back to my makulay na buhay kwento... as i was watching the Tour de France live streams, i kept on hearing about jerseys having colors such as YELLOW, GREEN, POLKA DOT, WHITE, etc. so i asked some of my hardcore biking friends about these colors/designs.  eventually i was enlightened and i would like to share these "new" learnings i've got ;)  the Yellow jersey If you are in it, you are the

project TOOTEE: complete! :)

after biking and running for a little while, some of my running (now multisports) friends buyo-ed me to getting the rest of my bike parts to finally complete TOOTEE. here are some images from the most expensive weekend of my life :) where will i sit? tootee before the operation :) tiagra groupset & shimano wheelset with kenda kaliente tires mang boy of lifecycle weaving his magic touch to tootee :) the bike is slowly taking shape... konti pa... picture-taking with ninongs & ninangs ok na sana eh, pero may kulang. walang pedal??? paano yan aandar?

this is it.

three good things happened on June 30, 2010. 1. the end of the GMA presidency 2. the birth of my niece 3. the first purchased part of my bike :) so, asan na ang ibang parts?