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are you one of us?

  Tri mo, masaya! :) hehehe  got it from somewhere :)

kasado na.

ako'y nag adik. nag check ng website ng Condura Marathon. tiningnan ang requirements. nag type, nagsulat sa mga kahon. ayun. pagdating sa dulo, eto ang naka abang. tapos na. simula ngayon, walang ibang mimithiin kundi matapos ang rutang ito. tara, takbo na tayo. mahaba-habang takbuhan to. pero teka, ilang mahalagang paalala mula sa mga taga Condura: Race bib and shirt redemption: For local participants paying in CASH, redemption is in the Condura Skyway Registration Center, Greenbelt 3 beginning on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 14 For local participants paying via CREDIT CARD, race bib and shirt will be mailed to your preferred address via Air 21. Please note that this is subject to delivery charges and credit card processing fees. For international participants paying via CREDIT CARD, race bib and shirt will be claimed at the Asics Store in Greenbelt 3 . Redemption begins on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 14 up to MONDAY, JANUARY 31. Shirts Shirt are subject to st

dream job

after deciding that i want to incorporate triathlon in my "interests," i slowly but surely realized that it takes a lot of time to train for all three sports (swim, bike, run). and in line with this, transferring from a publication firm to a real estate industry is not an easy transition. i wish that we would also have something like this list here in the philippines. wouldn't it be cool to have officemates who'd understand where you're money goes whenever you upgrade bike parts without them thinking it's a waste of money? or where eating healthy food, avoiding too oily & fatty foods would be the norn? or having different tanlines on your legs, arms, wouldn't be looked at in a weird way? and where everyone would tell you to go get some sun (be in through swimming, biking and / or running) is a motivation for you to train some more? :) also, wouldn't it be fun to work in a company where you can swim on your break time? or bike to work without


Commonwealth Avenue has been famous (and also infamous) for numerous accidents that happen there due to the rampaging buses at the middle of the night, and also the numerous rallies that plagued this major thoroughfare whenever something controversial hearings happen at Batasan, or if there are strikes from bus & jeepney operators due to oil price increase, etc. Last Sunday, December 5, 2010, another concept of freedom has been achieved. There have been a lot of people from who've had experience the support and care from our beloved Margababes/Margalicious . Marga has always been one of the first (if not the first) person to volunteer whenever support crews are needed, or whether there are banner-making sessions needed for first-timers (be it for a 21K, 42K, ultra-marathons, triathlons, duathlons, etc). Marga has always been there. Last December 5, 2010, Marga was able to break free from her ' demons '. She surpassed them all.   Marga was able to break

duathlon mode

  after QCIM, this one's next. looks challenging and exciting. and then back to your regular programming. back to condura training, with XT of swimming, biking and sleeping/ eating.

after QCIM...

watch out for more details here . i'm excited!

shaved or not?

there are rumors that real men shave their legs. in high school, i had a classmate who was part of the track team and he said they were somewhat required to shave their legs in order to be faster. this i am not sure how the leg hairs affect their speed. in biking, the same thing has been rumored to be true. i have read from a veteran biker's recount on this concept. it has been a long time since my leg was "shaved," and the time i  had my legs shaved was not because i "wanted" to go faster. it was because they needed to. why? this was taken a long long time ago, 2004 to be exact. well actually, my leg was not shaved literal, it was my knee area. given that i'm into this biking thing, and is still new with the cleats, i still have tendencies to fall/ semplang, and one of the most-hit area are my knees, or legs.    now it seems more logical too, to shave my legs for a faster, easier tocino cleaning :) check out their legs,smoothly shaved! hmmmm

kenkoy dancer?

 tinikling  tambay muna waiting for next "dance step"   sir rene showing how the fingers should make "pilantik" hehehe  "in in out out" shake, body body dancer  step in, step no  nag checheck kung tama o mali ang artista the drills we did last night during adination UP's sessions were the same drills I did when i was having therapy for my torn ACL a long long time ago. so when we were doing these drills last night, everything was easy. a little refresher course also on the drills we had during the first day of UP adination AND mizuno run clinics. more adination day 3 pics HERE .  all photos in this blog entry was taken by Lenz Rico (or her camera).

Blue Review

Katipunan Flyover was not that hard to traverse naman pala eh. This was one of the realizations I had after a nice training run with coach Al Neri at the Big Blue Run 2. Since I am preparing for my revenge for Condura Full Mary, all of my races now are training runs, all Sundays are Long Runs Sundays. I've been a practicing a concept mentioned by Coach Ige Lopez during our Mizuno Run Clinics way back last year that we should have a good night's rest 2 nights before a major race (in our case, Friday night) to ensure a well-rested athlete come race day. Last Friday, I was not able to do that as I attended a college barkada reunion of some sort, AND I still have to go to work the following Saturday, I am so sure I wouldn't have enough rest for the race on Sunday. In my mind, I was doomed! The previous week, I also joined a fun run (take note! races below 42K are not marathons, they are FUN RUNS, or Training Runs, or for some Fartleks hahaha), and with this race, I

blue, green, or medicine

last week, a lot of my friends became ROCKSTARS . this weekend, runaholics are up to another run-filled weekend with the following races:  BLUE BLOODS are encouraged to run in this race as this is (by far) the only race I know in the Metro that passes by the Katipunan Flyover. I haven't heard of any other runs that passed by Katipunan Flyover except this for one. (Most often, the ones I know who pass by this road for their long runs do it under the flyover, not above, but i know some other exception ).   check out st. bridget school behind them :) At the other side of the metro, GREEN PEEPS are having their own gathering of sorts in MOA.  Ever since I've been into running, I've always heard of the hardcore La Sallians trooping to MOA for their Animo Run. If you're after new PRs in one of the flattest routes in the Metro, I do believe you should troop to this race.   As the Trilogy's season-ender, Coach Rio's Afroman Distance opens up a new "dist

letting go

there are a lot of things we do to make life easier but we should not hold on/ rely on them too much. there are times when we should learn to let go. yes, there are things that makes life easier, makes us feel as if we are already strong, that we can manage with them with us the whole time, at times being too dependent with them. we should always remember when to let go. we should learn when to stand on our own two feet and to stay grounded. there may be times where one would suffer from "separation anxiety," to a point that we fall down with them, still holding on to them despite the need to be "independent." sometimes we fall flat on our butts primarily because we didn't want to let go. we should learn how to let go, to ensure that we can still manage by ourselves, and yet, maximize the support and ease that they can give us, to make life easier for us, but without compromising what we can do by ourselves. i am still getting used you having you around, bu

revenge will be mine.

Last year, I was enlisted to be part of the biggest running event in Quezon City. Unfortunately, i was not able to do so; I had to slow down. This year, however, I am vowing to take my sweet revenge. In line with my other goal to beat and improve on my first full mary, running this year's QCIM half mary fits my training perfectly. Here are some of my motivations why I need to run this one. 1. nice medal design. 2.nice scenic route too. not your typical 21k that goes around the usual areas. Starting line is at the Quezon Memorial Circle. Run along Philcoa and enter UP via University Ave. Run around the acad oval and exit via University Avenue towards Commonwealth. Run along Commonwealth until Dona Carmen Ave. Turn around upon reaching Dona Carmen Ave (landmark is flying V) and run back along Commonwealth, enter UP again via University Ave, go around the acad oval, exit through University Ave and run to the finish at QCMC. 3. Simple, yet challenging.  I'v

let the fun begin...

early this year, i became a marathoner. yup, i finished my first full marathon this year, but was not able to finish it as i wanted to. team galloway (this was the same group i was with most of the first half of condura) prior to the start of my trainings, i was not able to totally ensure myself that my ITBS has been "fully healed". i just thought doing my long runs with the galloway group suffice, but i thought wrong. i know that i can finish my full marathon within the cut-off, but i sure would have wanted to finish it stronger and with a more decent time. my ITBS was not fully healed yet then, and it took its toll on me, making me walk after more than half of the route :( now, i do believe it's time to do it the properly. time to train right, time to train smart (coach!) i will be complimenting this with my cross trainings and proper hydration and nutrition, PLUS tips from Adination UP (woohooo home court!) (thanks Runner's World Smart Coach !)


i am not a clown. i am not what you would typically consider a "funny man" to all types of people.  why KENKOY? in my earlier days of running, little did i know of the proper running form, etc, a runner-friend mentioned that i looked funny while running. my head was wobbling side to side like one of those bobble head animals you'd see in taxi cabs etc. they found it as something "kenkoy," thus, the Kenkoy Runner was born. i started seriously running start of 2009 to initially lose weight, but fell in love with running. i enjoy running, not because of the competition, but more on the natural high i get out of running. i am not a speedster, but can be if needed. (or if challenged). i have tried long distance running and found it to be relaxing, most specially if it  takes one outside of the metro. initially was focused on running, but was exposed to multi-sport through runner-friends. learned how to ride a bike only in june 2010 initially as a cross-tr

sawa ka na ba

sa races na paulit ulit lang ang venue? sa mga route na dun at dun lang din ang tinatakbuhan ng karamihan, to the point na pwede ka nang tumakbong naka pikit dahil memorized mo na ang bawat pasikot-sikot ng dinadaanang karera? kung gusto nyo ng bagong pwedeng matakbuhang karera na hindi sa kadalasang tinatakbuhan ng madlang tao, sali na sa ano bang mapapala nyo dito sa karerang to to start with? other than ang route nya is hindi yung usual na BHS, MOA, UP, etc, this one would bring you to the newest hotspot in town Newport City! actually, maganda itong route dito sa karerang ito kasi dito rin kami nag long run last year while training for Condura Marathon. isa pang maganda sa karerang ito, ANYONE can join. if you are eyeing your family to get into a healthier lifestyle, i do believe this race would give each member of the family a chance to be exposed to running. meron 1K, 3K, 5K at 10K! hindi naman sinabi na kailangang harurot ka sa 1K eh, or sa 3K eh, basta bottomline, t

where it all began...

it has been quite some time since i've with the pioneers of the last time i remember hanging out with all the "oldies" of, it was the Rizal Day Run held last 2009. since then, a lot of things have changed. in two years, a lot of things happened (all of which are positive naman). (my first banner group pic c/o Nuttybunny4 / doc Marvz) from this "small" group, a lot of things have changed. back then, we "dreaded" the "long distances" which at that time (for us) meant more than 10K. I remembered those days when we were all enjoying the fun runs (literally and figuratively). running back then was simple and enjoyable. you run. you have fun. you eat afterwards with your RuBus, spend the whole Sunday afternoon with the same people you were with that same morning, only this time, its either eating, or drinking, or just plain old hanging out with them. from the group above, different groups emerged, focusing on diff