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are you one of us?

  Tri mo, masaya! :) hehehe  got it from somewhere :)

kasado na.

ako'y nag adik. nag check ng website ng Condura Marathon. tiningnan ang requirements. nag type, nagsulat sa mga kahon. ayun. pagdating sa dulo, eto ang naka abang. tapos na. simula ngayon, walang ibang mimithiin kundi matapos ang rutang ito. tara, takbo na tayo. mahaba-habang takbuhan to. pero teka, ilang mahalagang paalala mula sa mga taga Condura: Race bib and shirt redemption: For local participants paying in CASH, redemption is in the Condura Skyway Registration Center, Greenbelt 3 beginning on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 14 For local participants paying via CREDIT CARD, race bib and shirt will be mailed to your preferred address via Air 21. Please note that this is subject to delivery charges and credit card processing fees. For international participants paying via CREDIT CARD, race bib and shirt will be claimed at the Asics Store in Greenbelt 3 . Redemption begins on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 14 up to MONDAY, JANUARY 31. Shirts Shirt are subject to st

dream job

after deciding that i want to incorporate triathlon in my "interests," i slowly but surely realized that it takes a lot of time to train for all three sports (swim, bike, run). and in line with this, transferring from a publication firm to a real estate industry is not an easy transition. i wish that we would also have something like this list here in the philippines. wouldn't it be cool to have officemates who'd understand where you're money goes whenever you upgrade bike parts without them thinking it's a waste of money? or where eating healthy food, avoiding too oily & fatty foods would be the norn? or having different tanlines on your legs, arms, wouldn't be looked at in a weird way? and where everyone would tell you to go get some sun (be in through swimming, biking and / or running) is a motivation for you to train some more? :) also, wouldn't it be fun to work in a company where you can swim on your break time? or bike to work without


Commonwealth Avenue has been famous (and also infamous) for numerous accidents that happen there due to the rampaging buses at the middle of the night, and also the numerous rallies that plagued this major thoroughfare whenever something controversial hearings happen at Batasan, or if there are strikes from bus & jeepney operators due to oil price increase, etc. Last Sunday, December 5, 2010, another concept of freedom has been achieved. There have been a lot of people from who've had experience the support and care from our beloved Margababes/Margalicious . Marga has always been one of the first (if not the first) person to volunteer whenever support crews are needed, or whether there are banner-making sessions needed for first-timers (be it for a 21K, 42K, ultra-marathons, triathlons, duathlons, etc). Marga has always been there. Last December 5, 2010, Marga was able to break free from her ' demons '. She surpassed them all.   Marga was able to break

duathlon mode

  after QCIM, this one's next. looks challenging and exciting. and then back to your regular programming. back to condura training, with XT of swimming, biking and sleeping/ eating.

after QCIM...

watch out for more details here . i'm excited!