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My take on who I wanna BE

(original/ first version can be found here:   but if you wanna read the more kenkoy write up, continue reading hehe) At the start of the New Year, people start writing down what they want to change from the previous year. A lot of people look back at what they’ve done in the past year, reflecting on what has happened to them, be it an improvement of their current status (financial, career, or even relationships) or  lessons learned from the past. People naturally look back to their past, the history, to help identify what can be improved on, and identify what needs to continue with what they’re doing. That, in essence, was what Mizuno did when they decided to come up with another footwear aimed at helping runners get better. Mizuno went back to history, and in this case, being a Japanese brand, they went back to as far as the Samurai/ Feudal System era, to review and research what else can help runners in their qu