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Men's Health Urbanathlon 2009

If you're getting tired of the usual road races around the Metro, and if you don't want to go out of town for other races, then you must join this year's Men's Health Urbanathlon! This is the 3rd time that the Philippines is conducting this race, and this time, change venue na. the first one was held in fort, then UP, this time, it's going to be in McKinley Hills! Registration starts on October 29 until November 18 only, so hurry up and go to Runnr to register. You can also register online at Registration fee is P450 for both categories (5K or 10k) which includes: 1. Race Kit 2. MH Urbanathlon Finisher Shirt 3. Free breakfast at the Festival 4. Free MH November 2009 Issue for more info, visit Men's Health Philippines' website . See you there!

SURVIVOR International Marathon: Smart SIM 2009 (part 1)

i'm sure a lot of runner-bloggers already expressed their opinions towards the recently concluded Smart SIM 42K SURVIVAL Run held this weekend. this is just to summarize things from MY point of view, and MY OPINIONS. This was supposedly the "most prestigious" marathon in the Philippines (well so they say). if being prestigious means: 1. No water stations for most of the stretch of the SCTEX 2. No support stations allowed along the long stretch of the SCTEX 3. No light along the way 4. runners' safety along the long dark stretch of the SCTEX was unsure (even though the road was closed from motorists, the sheer darkness of the place can put an injured, dehydrated runner lost in the darkness) kahit na they say bring your own lights, ibang level pa rin ito. then i guess this is it. i think it could be likened to training for the BDM, pero sa BDM alam ko may ilaw, at may posibilidad to buy drinks/ hydration along the way. i've had a lot of friends from who

plus 5 years

so, do you guys wanna add up 5 more years? lookie here :D Happy VIEWING! *take note, 10 mins lang ha, pag sumobra, hindi na healthy! hahaha

runners blues

for those Atenean Runners (pwede rin namang hindi Atenean ata, hehehehehe) another race on Nov.15, 2009 to mark on your calendars. a simple fun run to be held inside the Ateneo campus. If you had fun during Ateneo's Run with M.E., or if nabitin kayo seeing the insides of Ateneo during the Takbo Para sa Pagbabago , then this is another chance to run inside the Ateneo campus :) Categories are as follow: Grade School/ High School , Other Age Group Categories, and Open (5.6K only, good for PR/speed purposes, i guess? hehehe) Registration fees are as follows: P300 DONATION for cash payment. P350 for online payments. DONATION fees after November 11 is P400. Claiming of Race Kits are at the Ateneo Alumni Association Office (Rm.102, Bellarmine Hall, Loyola Schools, Ateneo de Manila campus. The kits contains race bib, route map, rules and regulations and merchandise from sponsors! Claiming time is from 830am - 530pm. If hindi ma claim, they can be claimed onsite :) again, if you&#

waiting for it to kick in...

can i wear this to subic? SecondWind Limited Edition Singlets Only 150 pcs. (ooppps, 149 na lang pala! kasi -1 nung akin!) available. Get it NOW! P350.00

learning when to slow down

this sunday, oct.18, is the 1st Quezon City International Marathon. I've written about this race, and have been anticipating this race for the longest time. I attended the long run two weekends ago in preparation for the 21k route, and was confident that i can pull this one off. my preparations have been going on smoothly. not until this week. my week started fine, actually. i had a relaxing weekend, but when Monday came, we were bombarded by literally hard work in the office. we were made to go around the metro to get back issue magazines from the warehouse, and then bring those magazines to different stores/accounts, and then, put sticker on the current issues. this would not have been that a heavy burden, BUT did i fail to mention that on that monday, 8 out of 9 members of our department had cough and colds already? after that long day, i met up with my girlfriend to relax and unwind from that nasty day. the next morning, i had to call in sick because my cough and colds the

what's happening?

bagnet and the rules

this october, i am going to do my first-ever back to back half mary runs. the first would be in the Quezon City International Marathon, and at the SMART Subic International Marathon. after being sidelined by a very contagious and dangerous disease called "katams", i've decided to lace up my running shoes and regain what i've lost by going back to the basics of running. as soon as i've heard of that there will be an LSD (long slow distance) run for the QCIM i immediately signed up for this. this would not only familiarize myself with the 21k route, but also it would help me psych myself up in the feat that i am about to accomplish in the upcoming weeks. as this run was my preparation for the 2 main events (QCIM and Smart SIM) i didn't do much with the preparations for this LSD. the only time i was able to run that week was the training run we had at the Mizuno Run Clinic, and then that was it. during my thursday run, i told myself that i will try not to hav

where i come from...

this line says it all. runners foregoing night runs at times to help in packing of relief goods yuppies spending time after work to help out in relief centers medical students conducting medical missions students volunteering in any way they can people giving to those who are in need people all over the world sometimes see all the negativity in our country, the corruption, the pollution, but deep inside each and every FILIPINO lies the true spirit of HEROISM, and BAYANIHAN. aprub? APIR! by apl. d. ap.