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it's been a while


this is still timmy's blog.

I know it has been 2 years since i've last written on this blog, primarily because there have been a lot of things that happened, and as compared to before, there are a lot of things better kept in private, as a lot of people, even some of the people I personally know, tend to use their blogs as either, a company's extended PR reading material (tamad na ata sila gumawa ng sarili nilang 'feedback' or response with the events they've 'attended' or minsan, naging way na rin to get freebies, ganyan.

I tried to make this blog, as organic as possible, tama ba ung term? as in, parang online journal na rin of sorts, as if reading the entries parang kausap mo ako, so i hope you don't mind the sudden shift from english to tagalog every once in a while.

After a while, I'm not even sure if people are still 'reading' blogs like these, kasi even those I usually followed before, nawala na ung blog. sayang ang dami pa namang nice readings dun, but then again, people tend to veer away from posting stuff online etc etc.

Ngayon, I'm blabbing away, just checking if may mga 'followers' pako dito.

If you do get to read this post, as in literal read, kaya din wala akong nilalagay na pics, para literal mag basa ka (yes you, follower, or someone who unfortunately found this blog), and if you feel like you've read nice contents from my previous posts, mostly on running, biking, swimming, triathlon and life in general, please feel free to post a comment on this, let me know what you want to read, if meron man, or if may nagustuhan kang post ko previously na you felt that somehow, it touched your heart in any way :)

soon, i'd be posting again here, mostly new realizations which not a lot of people have been focusing on, lalo na with regards to their true health.

ciao! :)


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